– by Seth McDonald

Finish Super Mario Odyssey in an hour’s time? Impossible you say? Not so fast, as gamer Samura1man has done just that. Ok, well it is actually a little over an hour, but an impressive run nonetheless. In an excellent display of hand eye coordination along with a some gamer tricks thrown in, Saumra1man shows us exactly how the game is played in the video above (and if that isn’t working for some reason, you chan check it out HERE).

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Of course, speedrunning has always been a huge part of the gaming world, and as such, seeing someone beat Super Mario Odyssey this quickly so soon after the game’s launch isn’t the biggest surprise. However, that doesn’t make this feat any less impressive.

Since I don’t have a Nintendo Switch, this is really the first gameplay I have seen, and man does it look like a lot of fun. This video even has me considering buying the console. I remember back with the old Mario games speed wasn’t a feat, but completing the first Super Mario Bros. on a single life was an nice claim to fame around the schoolyard. As with many people, I used to love gaming, I just don’t have a whole lot of time for it anymore. I still sneak in some games of Madden every once and a while, and I really like the game Hello Neighbor (check it out!).

What is your greatest video game feat? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: IGN