– by Nick Doll

This is one of the coolest videos to ever hit the internet. If you are a Kevin Conroy fan, or a child of the ’90s, this may make your head explode. You’ve been warned.

Who’s the best Batman? I guess it depends on what elements you find most essential. Is it the performance alone? If this were the case, I would have to give the title to Kevin Conroy who has voiced the Caped Crusader in Batman: The Animated Series, the Arkham series of videogames, and countless animated films. The contrast between his Batman voice and his Bruce Wayne define both characters as separate entities in a way no actor has in the live-action arena. Conroy is Batman.

What about the writing? Does the quality of the film and dialogue weigh on your decision of who is the best Batman? Christian Bale isn’t my favorite, but he did get the chance to play the best written iteration of the character, thanks to writers Christopher and Jonathan Nolan. That speech at the end of The Dark Knight… that’s Batman too.

So, what happens if you take the best Batman actor and marry him to the best dialogue written for the character? Well, you get exactly this video from Nerdist, which combines the best of both Bat worlds.

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Just close your eyes and soak in Nolan’s words, delivered by the man who will always be my Batman, Kevin Conroy. No offense to Christian Bale, but Conroy really elevates the material, and not just because he’s not whisper-shouting.

What do you think of this amazing video? I oversold it, didn’t I? Or is that even possible? Let us know in the comment section below!

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SOURCE: Nerdist