– by Emmanuel Gomez

Over the weekend Zack Snyder held a three day charity event that featured director’s cut screenings of Watchmen, Dawn of the Dead and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice along with a Q&A panel. It’s been ten years since Snyder’s antihero film, Watchmen, first hit theaters. One of the stars of the film Jackie Earle Haley, who played the vigilante Rorschach was present for the Q&A panel.

During the panel there was a conversation about how critics had reacted toward Snyder’s Batman V Superman. Snyder’s comments about attitudes towards violence and superheroes have already made waves on social media, saying that, “It’s a cool point of view to be like ‘my heroes are innocent’…That’s cool. But you’re living in a f***ing dream world.” Via Twitter user Vamos Ramos, we can also see that Haley also made critical remarks about how superhero series handle the issue of violence and killing, using Arrow as an example. Check it out in the clip below.

“You’ve always got, like, the cops going after the Green Arrow or whoever like, ‘Man, you’re out there killing people!’ And the characters are always so worried about like, ‘We can never hurt anybody, we need to do the right thing.’ But during the whole damn show the cops are just constantly shooting anybody that moves, you know? And then they’re judging him.”

We know that one thing that set Watchmen apart from other films of it’s time like Iron Man and The Dark Knight was it’s R-rating that included a lot of violence and the grey area of characters’ morals. This is something that doesn’t work for characters like Superman and Batman, if they kill then could they really be considered heroes? As far as police officers, they are only supposed to use excessive force when justified although we live in a day and age when even in real life that point is debatable. If cops just went around killing people, wouldn’t that make them just as bad as the criminals? The same also applies to our heroes.

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Source Twitter via ScreenRant