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Much has been said regarding the aftermath of BATMAN v SUPERMAN. While I don’t think many people would call it a failure — the movie still made around $725 million worldwide thus far — it’s definitely been a bit of a disappointment in the eyes of the studio. As we reported yesterday, the film may very well make less profit than MAN OF STEEL, despite MAN OF STEEL being made on a smaller budget, and despite only starring Superman in the lead role.

Now rumors seem to be flying about all kinds of goings on behind the scenes. Recently there was word that they’d be going back into SUICIDE SQUAD reshoots with the intent of making it lighter and funnier. While we can’t confirm or deny that, actor Jai Courtney did go on the record to say that the rumor was false, as far as he could tell. Now the latest rumor involving a post-BATMAN v SUPERMAN WB comes from Variety.

According to the outlet, when it comes to JUSTICE LEAGUE, “production exec Jon Berg and Time-Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes are taking more of a hands-on approach now.” This is both good and bad. Many felt that the weaknesses of BvS were a result of Zack Snyder being left to do as he pleases, so perhaps this can remedy that. Having someone else in control of the overarching story would be a way to ensure that what happens has more mainstream appeal. The downside of that is two-fold, however.

First, it’s not clear if either of these two men are incredibly familiar with the source material. This can end up being a major problem down the line, and ultimately result in an even more muddled mess. Second, it doesn’t really solve the problem of having an overseer of the universe. Of course, I can’t say for sure, but it sounds like these two would likely be peering in from the outside and adjust whatever they feel necessary. It won’t be someone deep in the know with an overall vision.Instead, it may be knee-jerk reactions from someone who the world they are building.

In short, I’m worried about DC trying to get their equivalent of Kevin Feige — who has done an amazing job overseeing the Marvel Cinematic Universe — but not willing to go all the way with it. Now, I may be completely wrong on this front. In fact, I’d love it if the input these two gave helped the DCEU for the better.

Either way, the report goes on to state that the studio always knew that BATMAN v SUPERMAN would always be a transitional film — though they weren’t necessarily prepared for the critical backlash — but that JUSTICE LEAGUE is a more straightforward, crowd-pleasing picture that plays to Snyder’s strengths. In other words, it deals with the morality situation a great deal less.

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SOURCE: Variety

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