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After a long hiatus the fantastically brilliant Westworld is finally set to return this Sunday. The end of the first season setup the hosts for a full on rebellion. Show-runner Jonathan Nolan, recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly and while discussing the show’s upcoming season, briefly talked about the plight of the hosts in Season 2:

“The hosts are revolting and Dolores is leading this revolt. But not everybody in the revolution is on the same page. There are hosts out there from last season, the Confederados. They’re not good guys. They’re a bad rogue army and it’s not like their personalities have dramatically changed since Dolores killed Ford. There are formidable antagonists inside the world, and there’s going to be pressure from outside the world because there are certain fail-safes within Westworld. It’s not like there’s no oversight. We’ve established Stubbs and his quality assurance team so there will be —  in addition to the guests fighting back — factions of the corporation that are primed to deal with this situation.”

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Teams of hosts fighting against one another? Count me in on that one. Add this into the mix with the guests and employees of the Delos corporation, and we got ourselves a good old fashioned fight on our hands. Westworld is only slightly under Game of Thrones on my list, I loved the first season, and was bummed out when I heard how long the wait for Season 2 would be. However I understand that the preparation for great storytelling takes time, and most of all, I, like many fans, just want the finished product to be of the same quality as the first season.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly