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What Happened To Picard Season 3? A Discussion

what happened to Picard Season 3

Let’s have a discussion, what happened to Picard Season 3? Now before you start angry replying, let me preface this with one statement which I think will tell you where this discussion is going. I have so far, loved Picard Season 3 and have been thoroughly enjoying every episode.

However, I was so disappointed with both Season 1 and Season 2, it was a struggle to just get through them.

So what happened? Did Paramount sack the entire writing team of Season 1 and 2 and then replace them for Season 3? The contrast is so stark that I assumed without checking that must be the case.

I’m currently on Episode 5 (like everyone) of Picard Season 3 and it has been excellent so far. A mysterious plot that actually goes somewhere interesting, check. Cool characters with real conflict situations to explore, check. A great bad guy/(gal) and a return of an old antagonist I had been hoping would return one day, check. (No Spoilers).

Greatest Comeback Since Lazarus

How is this possible when the first two seasons were some of the worst Star Trek I’ve ever had the misfortune to watch? However, when we look closely, it seems the most important person remained. Whilst Season 1 had a different showrunner, it was Season 3 showrunner Terry Matalas who also was running Season 2. Season 2, was definitely worse than Season 1 for me, despite having a few decent moments. Now that surprised me greatly.

Therefore, when I sat down to watch Picard Season 3 I didn’t believe those who told me it was better. ‘Yeah sure’, I thought, ‘did they suddenly learn how to write Star Trek?’ Well, they must have, because this isn’t just better than Picard S1 and S2, it’s a worthy successor to the TNG legacy. This show actually deals with events that took place within the TNG timeline, though not always that show itself. I mean some of the really big conflicts and I will leave the surprises where they belong.

As a critic I’m at least fair, I despised Season 2 and will happily tell anyone involved why it was so bad. Equally, I’d praise the same people for the story they have constructed in Season 3. This is Star Trek, and frankly this post-TNG period needs to be explored in more shows. Okay, maybe not starring Patrick Stewart. I think we are coming to and end with Picard which was only ever set for three seasons. However, who knows? There are a ton of spin-off possibilities here. A show starring Seven would work well for example? Especially now she is back in Starfleet and not running around trying to be some kind of bounty hunter.

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I will point out that we are currently only half way through Picard Season 3. That means there is still time to absolutely trash this story, after all, I remember Season 1. However, given the story as it is now, you’d have to work really, really hard to mess up Season 3 in the second half.

The last two Star Trek shows I’ve watched, those being Picard S3 and Strange New Worlds, were brilliant. I’m not sure why it took Paramount so long to get here, but I hope they are taking note. To be fair Discovery has had some good seasons also, and the better ones have been more recent.

In conclusion: What happened to Picard Season 3? I have no idea what went on behind the scenes. However, to those involved, all I can say is, kudos on Season 3 so far. Oh, and what drugs were you all on when you wrote Season 2?

I can’t wait for Episode 6 to drop and that’s such a shift in my actions from the struggles I found previously. More of this please Paramount, more of this.

What do you think, have you tried Picard Season 3 yet or like me were you burned on what came before? If so, trust me, if you like Star Trek, you’ll love Picard S3. Leave us your thoughts below.

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