– by Seth McDonald

Another week, another set of memes. Even though we are a little late to the party with this one, I thought this week we could celebrate Rick and Morty‘s massive 70-episode renewal with some memes! Are you ready to get schwifty? Let’s do it!

Starting off with a Rick and Morty/Lion King crossover, we get to see the unique way that Rick shows his love for Morty.

Most fans of Rick and Morty are well aware that the show began as an incredibly vulgar parody of Back to the Future (if you were unaware of this, go to YouTube and search for “Doc and Mharti”). This one is pure nerdy goodness, and I would love to have it on a shirt.

This meme sent to me by LRM‘s own Nick Doll. Poor Jerry, he is the human embodiment of loneliness. People who find it hard to break the ice, even with other like-minded people can relate to this meme.

Every group has that one friend who can just appear out of nowhere. I would assume that most people try to ignore Jerry, even when they’re sober.

If the Mr. Meseeks gang thought helping Jerry improve his golf game was difficult, he is really in for it now, trying to help the famously inaccurate Stormtrooper hit the target.

This one was sent to me by a really good friend. Come on, we’ve all done this at one time or another, “Why yes, this is my first time signing up.”

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What did you think of this week’s memes? Do you have any requests for the weekly theme? Let us know and share your own memes in the comments down below!

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