– by Seth McDonald

This is a new idea that we are going to try out and if you all like it, well, then maybe we’ll do it more often.

I love film, but another one of my interests is memes. Memes are great, memes make statements, and memes are a form of modern art. Now if you can put the two art forms of film and memes together, you’ll have my attention. You folks may have seen some, or all of these before, and that’s ok. If this column continues, I will focus on new memes I find during the week and try to bring you the latest and greatest.

For this first run, the theme is crossover memes consisting of the Marvel Cinematic Universe crossing over with Star Wars.

With Disney on the verge of acquiring a good deal of 20th Century Fox, they are inching closer to ruling the world. Very clearly, the meme is pointing to the possibility that Disney may rule over Hollywood in the same manner that Thanos currently rules over the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We see you, House of Mouse, and we know about your plans for world domination. We just can’t really do anything to stop you at the moment. I think this is a brilliant meme and even without any text, gets its point across.

This piece was obviously made by a fan who doesn’t have any love for The Last Jedi. Mixing Peter Parker’s now famous line from Avengers: Infinity War, with what the fan considers the downward spiral of the Star Wars franchise. Whether you loved or hated The Last Jedi, you have to admit the meme is pretty clever, and really hits home for me.

This is one of my favorite memes as of late. The meme pours salt (or sand) in the old wound of Anakin Skywalker, who was put on the Jedi Council but was never granted the rank of Jedi Master, something that was previously unheard of among the Jedi. Spidey is essentially calling Anakin out for using a title which was never bestowed upon him. Prequel memes have been coming tenfold ever since The Last Jedi and this one doesn’t disappoint. Poor Anakin.

This is the way many of us felt after watching The Last Jedi as if Johnson erased Luke from existence. The Last Jedi also made fans feel powerless, and that Rian Johnson was in control of their universe, which he was. While the meme rings true for myself and many people I know, it doesn’t for everyone, but it does an excellent job of depicting the feelings of about half the fan base. Don’t worry, not all the of The Last Jedi memes will have a negative view of the film, I will be fair, despite my personal feelings.

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