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With all kinds of eyes on George Miller these days, thanks to the outpouring of fan support for Mad Max: Fury Road, folks are curious about the director’s aborted DC epic Justice League: Mortal. Yes, once upon a time, Miller was set to direct a film about DC’s most important team. He had a script. He had his cast. Costumes and sets started being constructed and then…it all fell apart. This would’ve been in an age before “Cinematic Universes.” At a time before superheroes became the #1 commodity in Hollywood. This would’ve been another trailblazing film from Miller that would’ve come out with no “solo setup” films to build to it. 

Yes, and this was in 2007- with Batman Begins and Superman Returns fresh in the minds of moviegoers- yet it wouldn’t have had Christian Bale or Brandon Routh playing Batman and Superman, respectively. It would’ve been different actors, different takes on the characters, so you might’ve had a scenario where Justice League: Mortal came out one year with one version of Batman, then The Dark Knight the following year with Bale’s. The film was scrapped due to the infamous writers strike, but it would’ve been interesting- to put it mildly- to see how mainstream audiences took to DC’s approach had it panned out.

There is now a proposed documentary being pitched that would chronicle the INs and OUTs of that production. The doc’s Twitter account has now unveiled these bits of concept art for Justice League: Mortal.


SOURCE: Twitter