Wheel Of Time Season 2 Leaked Audition Tape Details Point To Story Changes

Wheel Of Time Season 2 Leaked Audition Tape Details Point To Story Changes

You’re here for The Wheel of Time Season 2 leaked audition tape details and we got em. These details do suggest some story changes I will be discussing, therefore be aware of potential SPOILERS here.  The folks over at WOTseries managed to get a look at a leaked audition video which has since been removed. However they have described what was seen and added in the real names of the characters they think are represented here.

This is for an audition, and they (and I) think it was for the role of Aviendha, that ended up going to Ayoola Smart. The dialogue is similar to a moment from the books, but an important character change is made it seems for the show. Final warning below.

Potential Wheel of Time Season 2 SPOILERS – Leaked Audition Tape

Both scenes are between the characters we believe are Aviendha and Perrin. We have substituted code names with the Wheel of Time names and terms we believe they represent in brackets. However, there were quite a few lines in what we believe was supposed to be Old Tongue. Since we are unable to provide a good transcription for these Old Tongue sections, we’ve removed them as noted below.

Aviendha: My name is [Aviendha of the Nine Valleys Sept of the Taardad Aiel]. [Old Tongue] — my [water] is yours.

Perrin: I am [Perrin Aybara]

Aviendha: You don’t swing the sword* badly, [Perrin Aybara]. * Likely code for ‘dance the spears’

Perrin: I thought your people never left [the Waste].

Aviendha: [Wetlanders] call it “[The Waste].” It is [The Three-Fold Land], a shaping stone. A testing ground to prove our worth. And a punishment for the sin.

Perrin: What sin?

Aviendha: Nobody remembers. It was so long ago.

Perrin: Where will you go now?

Aviendha: Where you go, [wetlander]. You’re my [unknown]. [Unknown] is an unpaid debt. You saved my life, so I owe you my shelter. It’s not a lover, [wetlander]. Though, I wouldn’t be opposed. (laughs) Don’t worry, [Perrin Aybara], I will not attack you in a fit of lust. So, where do we go now?

Scene 2

Perrin: I killed her by accident. Our village was attacked.

Aviendha: Did she die well? Did she choose to fight, to protect her home, those she loved? Then trust she died well.

Perrin: [Aviendha], I want you to beat me. What the other women did to you.

Aviendha: No.

Perrin: You owe me [toh].

Aviendha: It’s dishonorable to remind me. Remember that.

Perrin: Sorry, but, please. I need it.

Aviendha: (hits him?) Did that help? No? Because you are a wetlander, not an [Aiel]! To be beaten isn’t punishment and you are dishonoring your wife by grieving her!. Death comes for us all. We can only choose how to face it when it comes. [Laila] chose! She woke up from her dream but you will not let her live. You want to stop grieving, then throw it away. (holds out a ring)

Perrin: You have your sister’s knife.

Aviendha: That is a tool, not a keepsake to mourn! Focus on those who are with us still.

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The inference here is that Perrin will rescue Aviendha, and not Gaul, which was a scene from book 3. This put Gaul in a life debt to Perrin and thus Perrin learns more about the Aiel. Book fans might not like it, but I think this means Gaul has been sacrificed for the show. However, I actually think it’s smart.

Aviendha is a big character, but things do start slowly for her at first. Gaul , meanwhile, much as I like him doesn’t really have an arc as such, he’s very much a secondary character. Now, it is possible Gaul could still appear later on down the line, once Aviendha is needed elsewhere in the story. We will just have to wait and see?

Both scenes on paper look great to me. I can see how Perrin learning lessons like this early on will help him to develop quicker. As for Aviendha, I love the character in the books, and it’s just going to be down to how she is portrayed in the show.

This is just an audition tape folks. Things could absolutely be changed when it came to filming.

What do you think of The Wheel of Time Season 2 leaked audition tape details? What about some of the potential story changes happening in Season 2? Thoughts either below, or join us over on Discord.

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