– by Kyle Malone

Troma… A movie company that goes out of its way to be gross, vile, violent, and gross. Yes, I said “gross” twice and if you want to know why, go watch Poultrygeist. Their films are wildly entertaining but they are not meant for general audiences.

Their most famous franchise is The Toxic Avenger, which included four films, a cartoon, comics, toys, and more. The series tells the story of a health club janitor that gets covered with toxic chemicals which mutate him into a strong but ugly creature. He goes on to fight drug dealers, pimps, and slavers in a ridiculously grotesque manner. I absolutely love it, and I am not alone in that.

Knowing that there was a built-in and dedicated fanbase, Legendary Pictures purchased the film rights back in December, and have wasted no time in fast-tracking a Toxic Avenger reboot. The company announced that Macon Blair (The Monkey’s PawSmall Crimes) will write and direct.

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Blair’s directing credits are short, only one film actually, but he has written several screenplays and acted in more than two dozen. If there are any worries about his lack of experience let me put those at ease. The original film’s directors, Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufman, will be producing the film. Kaufman was one of the original’s writer too and I am certain he won’t let his baby be mistreated. However, with Legendary putting their name on this, and the social environment of 2019, I am not sure how much of the original’s type of humor and shock will make it into this reboot. There is no release date or casting news yet

Are you excited for this reboot? Did you like the original or cartoon? What is your favorite Troma film? Let us know in the comments below!

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Source: Variety

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