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Post-credit sequences have become quite popular in recent years. Practically every Marvel film in the last 10 years has had one, regardless of whether it came from Marvel Studios, Sony, or 20th Century Fox. Whether they’re used to connect important dots between parallel franchises or tease what’s to come in upcoming sequels, fans have grown accustomed to anticipating what’s coming at the end, or sometimes mid-point, of the credits on films like these.

One Marvel-licensed film that’s going to buck that trend, apparently, is Fantastic Four. In a chat with MTV, one of the film’s stars- Jamie Bell- says that the film won’t have one:

Bell does say, though, that the film itself “leaves the door wide open” for other exciting storytelling possibilities, without having to rely on a coda. Still, this could disappoint fans that were hoping for some sort of tease of a Fantastic Four/X-Men crossover, which is rumored to be in the works.

Anyone remember that head-scratcher of a sequence that was used at the end of Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that served as preview for Fox’s X-Men: Days of Future Past? Then there was the seemingly pointless coda at the end of Iron Man 3. Perhaps it is time for the trend to come to an end. What do you think?