Will Hulk Be Back In The MCU? Mark Ruffalo Doesn’t Know And It Kinda Sucks


Hulk was always one of my favorite Marvel characters as a kid. I always felt like they got him so right in the comics and the animated shows. But, whenever he appeared on film, less so. That’s also coming from someone who is old enough to have grown up with Bill Bixby’s TV version. The question we are asking here is, what happens next to Hulk in the MCU?

The first movie I saw where I thought ‘that’s the Hulk I want’ was Avengers. However, I also feel like the MCU version of Hulk has had varied success since that movie. Age of Ultron saw director Joss Whedon wanting to focus on other Avengers, so it was not just the Hulk show. Then in Infinity War, I feel like the Russos had no real place for Hulk after that initial defeat to Thanos. They, therefore, kept the fact Hulk would not come out to play going way too long.

Honestly, if Hulk had been fully involved at the end, I feel like Infinity War would have been an even better movie. Not to say I dislike it, in fact, it’s still probably overall my favorite MCU team-up movie. Then in Endgame we had Professor Hulk. It was fun and worked for that movie,  but it’s certainly not what I want to see Hulk be all the time going forward. Only Avengers and Thor: Ragnarok have really provided me with my Hulk fix so far.


So what happens next, does Hulk fade away with all the other OG Avengers? Do we keep Professor Hulk or de we return to something rawer? We have no idea at this point, the problem is, neither does Mark Ruffalo. The actor has played Bruce Banner and Hulk in the MCU since taking over from Edward Norton for 2012’s Avengers. Ruffalo appeared on The Graham Norton Show, in an episode that will air tonight in the U.K. Comicbook.com seems to have got a hold of Ruffalo’s comments early though, and here is what he said about Hulk’s future.

“I don’t know,” Ruffalo replied, before covering his mouth as not to say anything too definitive. “Who knows, really,” he continued. “It is supposed to be over and that was supposed to be the end.”

The thing is, Endgame did serve as a perfect ending for Cap, Tony, and Nat. I never felt like it was any kind of ending for Bruce Banner though. There is so much story left for this character, they’ve barely scratched the surface of some of his comic book adventures. The Leader was set up but never seen again. The villain could be perfect for a Hulk solo movie or a team-up movie in itself. ‘Gamma World’ comes to mind for something that focusses on Hulk but effects everyone else. I also feel like they have not fully explored the relationship between (now Senator) Ross and Bruce, yet both characters remain active. Not to mention an unresolved Betty thread still hanging there and never mentioned again.

I want to see a Hulk focussed character arc that takes Bruce’s newfound balance and turns it back on his head. I’d want rage Hulk back, with Bruce eternally pulled between getting rid of Hulk and focussing his rage where it is needed. They could write a story around The Leader doing something to Hulk which once again separates them into man and beast. Perhaps with Bruce realizing that he and Hulk can never be one. That they are two separate people sharing a body, both with their own skills to bring to the table. A Hulk other Avengers are wary of absolutely aids in that team dynamic.

I guess I’m saying that Professor Hulk worked for that one story, but I’d be taking Hulk back a few steps going forward. Do we really want to find a Hulkless MCU going forward, especially when Ruffalo seems to keen to keep playing him? Age is also not really a concern for this character. I’d also guess salary-wise that Ruffalo is nowhere near the likes of RDJ, Evans or ScarJo were.

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Give us some more Hulk Marvel please, because you can definitely give this character more to do going forward. Perhaps even crafting his own satisfying exit from the MCU somewhere down the line? This character made Avengers, and in my mind, he made Ragnarok a far better movie than it would have been without him. Don’t do him dirty just because the Russos think he was too powerful to be interesting in their movies. I do however respect their decision worked for the movie they wanted to make.

What do you think or Ruffalo’s comments and what do you think the future holds for Hulk, Smash your way into the comment section below.

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SOURCE: The Graham Norton Show (via ComicBook.com)

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