– by Joseph Jammer Medina

It’s hard not to look at Wonder Woman 1984 with at least the slightest bit of cynicism. While I loved Wonder Woman, there is no doubt that at least a solid chunk of that had to do with Steve Trevor’s character. Chris Pine’s portrayal helped to ground Diana’s more naïve nature, and when he died at the end of the film, you knew they’d be in trouble a bit for the sequel.

But, much to our surprise, they announced that Pine would be returning as Steve Trevor. The cynic inside me saw how well his character was received and thought that maybe the studio opted to shove him into the plot because of how much people liked him. However, it doesn’t sound like that was the case. Speaking with BBC Radio 1, Chris Pine revealed that director Patty Jenkins had the kernel of the idea of his return while filming the first movie:

“Not all that surprised. She, Patty, had told me this idea somewhere in the middle of the first one, and when Patty gets an idea it’s a pretty powerful thing because you can see the kernel land in the dirt and then all of a sudden it just starts growing and becoming a tree you know, and she could make you do anything. That happened with a TV show we did and she just fully formed, and then she acts out every part.”

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If I weren’t typing on a keyboard right now, I’d clap. I’m not sure why it matters to me (after all, all that really matters is the film we get at the end of it all, right?), but it’s nice to know that this wasn’t a decision seemingly made after hearing fan reactions, but something made in the throes of the creative process. The idea of it coming naturally as opposed to at the behest of fans makes it purer somehow in a really stupid way.

But what do you think? Does it really matter to you how the character’s return was conceived? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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