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What do you get when you take the new Wonder Woman trailer, a bad airbrushing job, and the internet together? You get the latest online brouhaha, Armpitgate!

Twitter has erupted with folks that are upset that Gal Gadot’s armpits are shaved in the new Wonder Woman trailer. Heatstreet has reported that a number of folks on Twitter have reacted negatively to the clean pits, claiming that a woman living on an Amazonian island would not be exposed to a razor. There are some that also claim that Wonder Woman should not be made to conform to other’s definition of beauty.

The DC Cinematic Universe has enough problems without people looking for things to be upset about. You would think that people would be happy that we’re finally getting a superhero movie that has a female lead which a Hollywood company is throwing a lot of money behind yet we’re really splitting hairs by talking about Gal Gadot’s armpits?


I don’t get why this is a thing. I really don’t. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s none of my business if a woman wants to shave her armpits or not. For me, this shows a double standard that men simply don’t have to deal with. When Ben Affleck was announced as Batman, folks didn’t obsess over the ridiculous stubble he had for the part. People were upset that an actor with a horrible track record in superhero films was given the mantle of one of the greatest characters in comic book movies. This whole fabricated controversy is just another way to demean women. Judge Gal Gadot’s performance as Wonder Woman based on how she acts in the movie, not on whether her armpits are shaved or not.

I wanted to hear some thoughts from others on this so I asked some friends their opinion on this ordeal. While none of the answers were particularly hair raising, I think some of the answers really get to the root of the matter.

L.Z. said: “I honestly don’t care if someone shaves their hair or not. As someone who grows out pit hair and doesn’t give a f***, I really don’t think her having or not having pit hair matters. They at least made a f***ing film about her finally.”

Lava Alapai said: “I personally don’t like armpit or leg hair so I shave it- why can’t Wonder Woman CHOOSE it? That’s the point of being a Feminist, right? MY choice?”

Amber Laparne said: “I think the true spirit of feminism is supporting each woman’s individual interpretation of the feminine. Besides, fighting over armpit hair is shallow. The real problems that we need feminism for are issues like wage gap, reproductive rights and the huge problems with sexual violence and rape culture. None of these things have any association with armpit hair. Just sayin……”


We should be celebrating the fact that we’re finally getting a Wonder Woman movie. Hopefully DC will get their act together and give this character the respect she’s due on screen. For too long, women have not been represented in superhero movies apart from supporting roles. We’re finally getting a female led superhero movie…and all folks want to talk about are armpits?

Hair Raising

Hair Raising

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