Writer Teases Fans About That Potential Namor Easter Egg In Endgame

During the latest Marvel Instagram watch party, writer Christopher Markus teases fans about a potential Namor Easter egg in Endgame. Will it go anywhere? Read on for more details.

There was so much to sort through in Avengers: Endgame that is has taken nearly a year and fans are still debating little details. One such detail that was noticed by fans never really got any traction, until now. Fans had hooked onto a line from Okoye in the early part of Endgame about undersea earthquakes. Nat was concerned about what they should do, Okoye said it was just an earthquake, so they shouldn’t do anything.

Honestly, I don’t see much in that exchange, other than showing how Nat was trying too hard. However, some fans were convinced this was a hint at both Namor and the City of Atlantis. Namor is a character in a relatively strange situation, similar to Hulk. Disney can use Namor to their hearts-desire in team-up movies, but Universal still holds the rights to a solo movie, aka the Hulk problem. Saying that, many fans have predicted that Namor and Atlantis could become antagonists initially in Black Panther 2. The thought is that T’Challa, and Namor, may possibly resolve their differences amicably, allowing Namor to take a heroic role going forward?

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potential Namor Easter egg in Endgame

Well, as I said above, for me, there was nothing in this to discuss other than a good fan theory. That was until one of Endgame‘s writers teased fans, that perhaps it could grow into something more? Check out the tweet below from ComicBook.com covering what Christopher Markus said about this potential Easter egg.


I love Markus’s response, but do I think this was an intentional plant? No. I just think it’s smart to tease that this could be a plant for Namor. If, and when Marvel decides to actually bring Namor into the MCU, it would easy to connect him to that earthquake line. That doesn’t mean it was intentional, it just means that sometimes you can be a little smart about these things. Marvel can make it look like they had Namor all planned even several years from now, just by referencing that earthquake now. I think Markus’s response is perfectly vague enough, to think of it as genius should it happen, and dismiss it as nothing if Namor doesn’t appear.

Honestly, I think we will see Namor in the MCU at some point, I’m just not sure where and when that will be? Could Namor show up in Black Panther 2? Why would Black Panther be the perfect franchise for Namor to show up in initially? All good questions, for another time. What is your opinion on this potential Namor Easter egg in Endgame? Leave your thoughts below as always.

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SOURCE: ComicBook.com

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