Xbox/Bethesda Showcase Biggest Trailers – Starfield – Forza Motorsport – Flintlock – High on Life

Xbox/Bethesda Showcase Biggest Trailers - Starfield - Forza Motorsport - Flintlock - High on Life

Check out the Xbox/Bethesda Showcase’s biggest trailers below. We have Starfield, Forza Motorsport, Flintlock, and High on Life. There were a few smaller trailers along with various announcement of games coming to Game Pass, or games still in development. However we also have a release window through to 2023 and it’s some of those games I am sharing trailers for below.

These games are also all coming to Xbox Game Pass on day of release. The header above from the Xbox/Bethesda Showcase shows which games are coming through 2023 and which are on Game Pass.


This is a 15-minute dive into Starfield and some actual gameplay footage for the first time. Bethesda has been working on Starfield for a long time and they say this is their most ambitious game to date. In the trailer we see two different kinds of combat, third person ground based along with third person space based ship battles. In addition we are shown some exploration, upgrade, and story options.

Honestly it looks great. My one gripe thus far is the enemy AI shown in the combat sections. In the ground based, they seemed like they were just waiting to be shot by the player and similarly in the space based combat, the ships just look like sitting ducks a little. However, that remains to be seen once users get their hands on the game. Also I guess in a Bethesda game, aka Skyrim you don’t quite expect the same combat as you would in an FPS.

Looks like great fun, as a Game Pass subscriber, there’s no way I won’t at least give this a shot. No window of release yet, other than 2023.

Forza Motorsport

It’s been a while, but Forza Motorsport is back. Lately Turn 10 Studio has been focused on the many Forza Horizon games which are popular and well made games. However the Horizon games are not quite my cup of tea. I prefer something a bit more sim related and my favorite console racing sim of all time was the Forza series. I fell in love with the genre on Gran Turismo, but once I switched to Forza it seemed like the perfect next step.

We have not had a new Forza Motorsport game since 2017. It’s time to see what a next gen racing sim can really do. As for all the technical questions you may have, added features, physics etc. It’s mostly all answered in this gameplay footage below, which really demonstrates how much of an upgrade we can expect Forza Motorsport to be.

Dynamic day/night cycle, lighting, ray tracing. Grip effected by time of day and temp of track. Proper pits and Tyre management. Forza Motorsport looks and feels amazing, so far. I cannot wait to sample this in Spring of next year.

Flintlock: The Seige of Dawn

This is one that kinda came out of nowhere and it looks decent. With the popularity of game such as Elden Ring and before that the likes of The Witcher 3 and Skyrim, this looks like another decent Action RPG addition to the fantasy genre. We don’t have much in the way of story details other than what the trailer shows, but I have to say this also looks absolutely worth picking up if you are a Game Pass subscriber.

Flintlock is out early 2023.

The High Life

I have to say the gameplay in this one didn’t blow me away. However that does not mean I am not interested, because the humor and idea behind all these looks amazingly weird and I love it. Even if this game doesn’t play well in hand, this trailer has done enough to get me to give it a shot on release for sure.

I guess this is just my kind of humor, and having your weapons talk to you while you use them is pure genius. “Hey there, I’m Knifey, stab, stabby, stab some more”. [Chef’s kiss] High on Life is out some time later this year, so watch out for this one.

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Well what did you think of the Xbox/Bethesda Showcase biggest trailers? I am 100% at least trying all these games and I already know I’m going to love Forza Motorsport.

What about you? Which is these trailers were you most interested in, Starfield, Forza, Flintlock, or High on Life? As always, share your thoughts either below, or over on our Discord server, links below.

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