Xbox Boss ‘Felt Good’ After Sony’s PS5 Event

Xbox boss ‘felt good’ after Sony’s PS5 event? Read on for more details.

So far Microsoft has been a little more forthcoming about the Xbox Series X than Sony has about the PS5. Of course, that trend has begun to change most recently with the big PS5 reveal. Sony showed off various games that will come out for the PS5 along with the console itself.

Which console will perform the best, that’s tricky. I’m no expert, but I have watched a few expert’s video breakdowns. From what I can gather, both consoles will do certain aspects better than the other. The PS5 looks to be slightly faster than the SeX at loading data onto the screen. However, the SeX seems to be the console that will be able to achieve the highest setting for resolution and FPS, as well as utilizing ray tracing. How these differences will equate to game performance is simply unknown. Until we see games running on both consoles of course.

This July will see Microsoft reveal some of their first-party SeX games. Halo: Infinite will definitely be shown. The New Halo will be a launch game for the SeX and is running on a brand new engine. However, for now, Xboss boss Phil Spencer seems to be pretty happy with where his product is at. Spencer recently spoke at a Gamelab Live 2020 interview with reporter Seth Schiesel. You can catch that video uploaded by a third party below, or read on for the transcript

“I watched the show, I thought they did a good job.” Spencer went on to say, “I sent Jim a note afterwards and congratulated him. I thought, you know, in this environment, trying to pull off a high-production value event is just not easy. So I applaud the team at Sony for what they were able to do.”

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Xbox boss 'felt good' after Sony's PS5 event

So after all the diplomatic back slapping, Spencer went on to appear confident in Xbox Series X. From the outside, it appears as if he believes the Xbox Series X is the superior product.

“Just being honest, I felt good after seeing their show. I think the hardware advantages that we’ve built are going to show up as we’re talking more about our games and frame rates and other things. I thought the games line-up that we’re gonna have at launch, I felt really good about. And we got more clarity on what they’re doing obviously at their show which helped us just focus in on more of what we have, and I think that’ll be a strength for us at launch.”

The crux of this is, both the Xbox SeX and the PS5 are going to be streets ahead of the current consoles. Which one is better will always be a matter of opinion, and based upon far more than hardware. Saying that, some of the best games these days are third party games available for both. There may be some tech fiends waiting to see which console will give them the edge on performance. However, most gamers will probably stick with the same console brand they had this gen, after all, there seems little incentive to change.

What do you think of Spencer’s comments that the Xbox boss ‘felt good’ after Sony’s PS5 event? Leave your thoughts below in the usual spot.

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