Doom Patrol Season 2 Review: Just When You Think Things Can’t Get Any Stranger

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Today it the premiere of the second season of DC Universe’s Original live-action series Doom Patrol. The series is fortunate enough to also be featured on WarnerMedia’s new streaming service HBO Max. In case you didn’t subscribe to DC Universe, now you have the opportunity to see what they call the “world’s strangest heroes”.


If you thought that saving a sentient street from a giant cockroach named Ezequiel and defeating Mr. Nobody, played by Alan Tudyk would finally solidify this team, think again. The second season of Doom Patrol sees the return of Matt Bomer as the voice of Larry Trainer, Brendan Fraser as the voice of Cliff Steele aka Robot Man, Timothy Dalton as Niles Caulder, April Bowlby as Rita Farr, and Jovian Wade as Vic Stone. The series adds Abigail Shapiro as Caulder’s daughter.

Recap: Where We Left Off

During Doom Patrol‘s first season, the group of misfits comes together to save Caulder from the vengeful Mr. Nobody. The plot twist comes when Mr. Nobody reveals to them the Caulder’s dark secret. That they had all just been experiments in his quest for immortality. His reason? His secret daughter, Dorothy that he had been hiding in one of Danny’s buildings. Caulder claimed that she was dangerous and that he needed to stay alive to not only protect her from the world but also the world from her.

The second season picks up right where we left off a tiny team of broken characters that are stuck with the Chief and his daughter on Cliff’s miniature table where he has his toy race cars. We are quickly introduced to Dorothy, who we learn has imaginary friends that will come to her aid if her emotions are heightened. She is a very interesting character. Her facial features seem like she is a half-ape/half-girl but her attitude is nothing different than what we would see of a child of her age. As the series progresses we will slowly continue to learn why she is so dangerous.

Where We Find Our Strange Heroes Individually In Season 2

Each character is dealing with the Chief’s revelation is a variety of different ways. Jane has turned to drugs, which they other personalities in her have condemned. They give her an ultimatum to either leave the Doom Patrol and the Cheif for good or suffer losing her leadership persona. Larry is haunted by the recent death of his son. We are taken back to moments in his past where we see that he wasn’t the greatest father. He has to put those feelings aside for a while as he is the only one who wasn’t left tiny. So he is forced to cater to the needs of the rest of the group. As well as tasked with trying to figure out how to make them big again.

Cliff is just angry. His anger stems from the fact that the Chief took years away from his life with his daughter so he can have more with his. He takes out his frustrations by leaving the table and finding rats to kill. Vic has post-traumatic stress disorder that was caused by their last encounter with Mr. Nobody and he leaves the group to try and figure all that out on his own via a support group. Rita seems to be the character that has grown the most from the first season. As she said at the end of the last season, she felt more alive when dealing with the Doom Patrol. Now she is attempting to try and control her abilities and possibly one day become a hero.

Niles Caulder… Is He A Villain?

In my opinion, the real villain of the first season was Niles Caulder. He was the reason why Mr. Nobody turned out the way that he was. He also was the reason why this group of misfits was stuck in the unfortunate situations that they thought were accidents. All for the selfish pursuit of immortality. Throughout this season we will learn about the dangers that Dorothy brings with her and hopefully get a good enough reason as to why Caulder had to do what he did. Although one can argue that despite the potential of the good deed down the road, it’s never OK to take someone else’s life.

Overall Wrap-Up

Despite all this emotional trauma, I am happy to report that Doom Patrol‘s second season is just as strange and dark as the first season. The first three episodes released today set the stage for an intense season that will bring the team closer than ever or lead their destruction all-together. Like they did in the first season they do a great job at weaving in the most bizarre scenarios with deep character development. The first three episodes feature villains like Doctor Tyme and Red Jack. The plot will move forward at a quick pace as the series will only have nine episodes this season.

What are your thoughts on Doom Patrol so far? Is this the best show that the DC Universe has put out so far? Let us know in the comment section below!

DC Universe’s Doom Patrol‘s first season and first three episodes of season two are now available on DC Universe and HBO Max. Each new episode will drop every Thursday on both streaming services.

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