Brave New World Trailer Brings The Classic Sci-Fi Novel To Life

Brave New World trailer hits! Over the course of our high school careers, many of us had to read plenty of books that were a total bore. But one part of the curriculum I really

The Witcher: Working With Tom Cruise Helped Henry Cavill Decide To Do His Own Stunts

Why did Henry Cavill decide to do his own stunts? I never actually expected Henry Cavill to do his own stunts. Yes, the dude was big and buff, but in the world of Hollywood, there

Disneyland Will FINALLY Retheme Splash Mountain Away From Song Of The South

Growing up, Splash Mountain was an odd ride. Whereas most of Disneyland I was able to recognize, the theme behind that one eluded me as a child. It wasn’t until years later that I realized

John Swab Talks About The Concept Of Run With The Hunted And Working With Inexperienced Child Actors

Run With The Hunted is an indie film of a young boy who commits murder to save his friend and is forced to runaway from his hometown. One the run he is inducted into a

Twister Reboot In The Works — But Can The Magic Be Recaptured?

Are you ready for a Twister reboot? To me, Twister was lightning in a bottle. It managed to bring in wonderful talents like Bill Paxton, Helen Hunt, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Cary Elwes — among many others

Find Out How These Hairy Hobbit Slippers Could Be Yours! | LRM’s Trivia Gauntlet of Infinite Doom

Hey LRM readers, we are gearing up to record the third episode of LRM’s Trivia Gauntlet of Infinite Doom. The game where we play, and you win. Yep, our contributors test their film knowledge with

Mistborn Author Brandon Sanderson Made These Characters Female In The Screenplay

The Mistborn screenplay has some surprises in store. It’s not very often that writers get to adapt their own work. Film and novels are such different mediums that the mindsets needed to write each version

Building A Dark/Web Podcast Ep 2 I Behind The Scenes Look Of The Emmy Nominated Series

The journey of Dark/Web has been chronicled here on LRM since its first stages of production.  With the development of the scripts to documenting the filming and finally the premiere on Amazon Prime. Dark/Web has

Doom Patrol Season 2 Review: Just When You Think Things Can’t Get Any Stranger

Today it the premiere of the second season of DC Universe's Original live-action series Doom Patrol. The series is fortunate enough to also be featured on WarnerMedia's new streaming service HBO Max. In case you

Xbox Boss ‘Felt Good’ After Sony’s PS5 Event

Xbox boss 'felt good' after Sony's PS5 event? Read on for more details. So far Microsoft has been a little more forthcoming about the Xbox Series X than Sony has about the PS5. Of course,