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Xbox Showcase Trailers: Gears Of War E-Day – Perfect Dark – Doom: The Dark Ages – Starfield: Shattered Space – Fable – Indiana Jones And The Great Circle – Call of Duty: Black Ops 6

Xbox Showcase trailers Gears of War E-Day, Perfect Dark, Doom: The Dark Ages, Starfield: Shattered Space, Fable, Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

Xbox Showcase trailers for Gears of War E-Day, Perfect Dark, Doom: The Dark Ages, Starfield: Shattered Space, Fable, Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. Yes folks, the Xbox Showcase was yesterday and they released bi trailers for all the upcoming games above. I have to say. Xbox and their newly acquired studios have been cooking. Sony have been way, way ahead in the quality first party games market in this generation. Even the games Xbox has produced have been average at best. But now they own Activision, Blizzard and Bethesda, things may have changed.

The following games are not the only trailers shown yesterday, but just a small selection of some of the AAA titles that are coming out in the next couple of years.

Gears of War E-Day

Gears of War E-Day is a return to the darker roots of the original Gears of Wars it seems. Mad World throwback, overwhelming and mysterious villains and a trusty Lancer and shotty. Check it out.

I haven’t enjoyed a Gears game since Gears of War 3, and even then the first game was still the best. I may actually play this one, the visuals look stunning and as said, that darker vibe just works with Gears of War for me.

Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark is a complete reboot of the Xbox title created by Rare after they lost the Bond licence and wanted to make a sequel to Goldeneye. I loved Perfect Dark back in the day, though not as much as Goldeneye. However, this is a complete reimagining and seems almost nothing like the original apart from the lead character name still being Joanna Dark. Check it out.

This may not play as good as it looks, but I’ll certainly be giving it a try at least when it comes out.

Doom: The Dark Ages

How do you make a sequel to the new Doom games? You don’t, you make a prequel set in medieval times and you’re a super soldier carving his way through hordes of monsters.

Doom: The Dark Ages, looks phenomenal , and hella fun to play.

Starfield: Shattered Space

Bored of Starfield already, well here’s the next DLC episode and it attempt to bring some creepiness to the outer space  action sim.

I’ve yet to play the original Starfield because it’s a huge game and I just don’t have the time. Therefore, I likely won’t grab this, but lot of players who enjoyed Starfield will be excited.


I’ve never played a Fable game either, and since we get no gameplay as such here, I’m not sure what to expect. The humor from previous games is there, at least for this trailer, but will the game actually be any good? Time will tell. Check it out.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6

Call of Duty needs no introduction does it? You know what it is and what it does, and this is the 6th iteration of the Black Ops side of the franchise. Check it out.

The trailer does look exciting, with great visuals, but most COD games do. It will sell millions either way, but I haven’t picked one up since the old Modern Warfare 3. Even then, I’m not into the multiplayer. At best I’ll download this on GamePass just to play through the campaign itself. However, those who buy COD every year, here you go folks, have at it.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle

When I first saw the trailer for this previously I thought; “urgh, it’s First Person, it should be Third Person. However after this new trailer below, I’m starting to think of this as an interactive movie rather than a game. Story wise, humor and action wise, this actually looks 10 times better than the dull-fest that was Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Never mind the even worse Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Take a look.

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Not gonna lie, I think this is enough to convince me to pick it up. When I say pick it up, I mean of course press download. All games shown here are confirmed to release day on on GamePass for subscribers. Though some of them will also be released for sale on other platforms. COD for example will release on any device that will run it.

As a subscriber myself, I could see me at least trying the vat majority of these featured games.

What do you think of these Xbox Showcase trailers for Gears of War E-Day, Perfect Dark, Doom: The Dark Ages, Starfield: Shattered Space, Fable, Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle? As always, share any thoughts below.

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