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In the final moments of last weeks episode “I Know Who You Are” it was finally revealed of who Savitar was.  The end of the episode left a little of a cliffhanger for fans wondering why future Barry Allen would put himself through this much pain.  “Cause and Effect” did not waste anytime letting us in on Future Barry’s reasoning.  In an attempt to destroy Savitar, Barry will create multiple time remnants of himself to combat Savitar.  In the battle all but one time remnant will be killed with the lone survivor being sent to the speed force and be stuck there creating Savitar.  The rest of the story is so confusing that I had to watch the explanation twice.  The creation goes all the way back to Flashpoint like everything this season where Barry has manipulated the timeline so much that the rules of time no longer apply to Barry.

The majority of the episode focused on the plot that if Barry couldn’t remember his past then Savitar would never be created resulting in Iris never being killed.  With Team Flash’s expert brain doctor, Caitlin, being subdued by her meta-human personality it left Cisco and Julian to try and erase a small amount of Barry’s memories.  Without Caitlin’s assistance Cisco ended up wiping out all of Barry’s memories.  The result left Barry as a care free individual that hadn’t been exposed to all the tragic events in his life.  While the team didn’t seem to mind the new Barry, especially Iris, the transformation had affected more than just Barry.  Without Barry’s memories Savitar couldn’t remember who he was and resulted in Wally not getting his powers.  I think that this season’s story line has gotten so complex that it has lost the concept of what made this show great.  This season has copied the same formula that Arrow did in Season 3 with The League of Assassin’s creating a complex story line to stretch out over 24 episodes.   

 Overall this episode had its highs and lows but like the previous three episodes the story line progressed at a snails pace.  After multiple attempts to stop Savitar on his own or with Team Flash, it seems that Barry will need the assistance of his former nemesis’ to take him down.  It looks like in next weeks episode Barry will recruit the assistance of his old nemesis Captain Cold to get the energy source to power the Speed Bazooka.  What did you all think of last nights episode?  Let us know in the comments section below.