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Oh, boy. For the past couple weeks, Batman v Superman and Justice League director has had quite the presence on the social media platform Vero (and I’m pretty sure he’s the only one using it). On it, he’s been answering fan questions regarding the DC films, adding extra insight and color commentary into the movies. It was only a matter of time before he started trolling audiences.

This very thing happened when fans started asking about whether or not there was a cut subplot regarding Jason Todd. If you’ll recall, in Batman v Superman, there were hints of the murdered Robin when Bruce Wayne passed the suit in his Batcave. The suit had a Robin logo and had a taunting phrase spray-painted on it. When asked about this potential subplot, Snyder’s response was:

“what makes you think that’s Jason Todd”

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Sigh. Okay, then. It’s understandable why fans would think this. After all, Jason Todd is the Robin that was famously killed by the Joker in the Death in the Family story arc. Given the spray-paint, it was a logical conclusion to jump to. If we’re to assume he’s not just yanking our chain, what can he mean by that?

Dick Grayson seems like a bit of a stretch, especially since we’re getting a Nightwing movie soon. However, if they really want to stretch it, I can see an instance where Dick fakes his own death to become Nightwing (and now that I’ve written that, it sounds completely idiotic). But what about the likes of Tim Drake and Damian Wayne? Could either of those actually be Batman’s dead Robin?

The idea of a dead Damian Wayne is one that would be quite the heartbreaking backstory, but if that were the case, you’d think we’d know about it by now.

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SOURCE: Zack Snyder (via CinemaBlend)

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