Comic Book Review: Justice League Rebirth #1

– by Emmanuel Gomez
Bryan Hitch (DC COMICS)

Bryan Hitch (DC COMICS)

   With this issue beings the second wave of Rebirth titles for DC Comics. The Justice League is back after that epic arc that concluded just as Rebirth began. This book does a great job at re-introducing us to the team. This is necessary due because we are missing Hal Jordan and Superman (who if you don’t know, died). They are replaced by Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz as the Lanterns and Pre-Flashpoint Superman. The issue begins with Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash and Batman trying to stop a creature called the “Reaper”, who seems to have Starro like abilities. Superman is watching from home, debating with Lois whether or not he should even get involved. While the two Lanterns are half way around the world trying answer the Justice League’s call worried about making a good impression. The team is overmatched and is attempting to make contact with the creature with no luck. With the arrival of Superman, Jessica and Simon they are finally able to get the upper hand and force the reaper off Earth.

   With that we have the re-assembly of the Justice League once again. It is going to be interesting going forward to see how this being a different Superman affects the chemistry of the team, not to mention having “rookie” Lanterns. Over all this was an excellent issue for anyone looking to jump onboard to the Justice League title, even though the idea of this being a different Superman may be a bit confusing. I loved the last few panels where the team comes together as a group to warn future threats about attacking Earth. As well as the last page depicting an action shot of the group. This book worked very well as a one shot and although it didn’t blow me away, follows a trend of good DC Rebirth titles.

Bryan Hitch (DC COMICS)

Bryan Hitch (DC COMICS)

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Bryan Hitch

Artwork: Bryan Hitch

Inks: Daniel Henriques & Scott Hanna

Colors: Alex Sinclair

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