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A few days ago, it was revealed that Warner Bros. would be adapting The Lord of the Rings into a series, with Amazon Studios standing by as a potential buyer.

Obviously, this came as a bit of a shock to fans. As wonderful of a series we could get out of Lord of the Rings, it is a bit baffling considering that Peter Jackson made a fairly definitive adaptation of the books in the early 2000s. Even now, that trilogy stands as a testament of filmmaking, and while there is a lot of material that wasn’t covered due to time restraints, it seemed to result in a stronger overall narrative.

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Speaking with Kyle Anderson on his Sirius XM show, actor Sean Astin revealed that he’s been saying for years that The Lord of the Rings would get remade, and that no one ever agreed with him. But he was adamant.

“No, it’ll get remade,” he would say. “It’s a massive story! The characters are so beloved.”

Definitely sounds like he was right. And on that note, the host asked if he would consider playing Samwise Gamgee yet again in the series.

“I’m carrying the Samwise banner for the Peter Jackson version of Lord of the Rings. When I saw the Amazon thing, that didn’t even occur to me. I just sort of thought, ‘What would it be like to see the next Sam there?’ I think it’s an intriguing idea, but the devil’s in the details. How would they do it? How? Who?”

That’s probably for the best. The last thing we need is another lingering aspect of the original trilogy. On the whole, he seems to be up for more Lord of the Rings, and not just for a retread of the story, but a more thorough exploration of the world.

“The Mines of Moria are referred to a lot in Lord of the Rings. And I guess in the Hobbit trilogy, you spent a little time with them, but the culture of the dwarves in the mines, I would love to see like five hours of that.”

Do you think we need five hours of Dwarf culture? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Variety

  • MoyBoto

    Do the Silmarillion

    • Black_Ace

      Do the Humpty Hump

    • Can’t, the rights are with Tolkien estate and they refuse to sell them.

  • Sy Burr

    Too soon…I’m not liking this.

  • Triple M

    Great… now they can make it 8000 hours long and really bore people to death properly.

  • Tonk99

    The only downside to this idea is the fact that everyone knows the story already. Jackson’s films weren’t that great and don’t hold up to repeat viewings. The source material probably would suit a TV series better and there is plenty of room to improve on Jackson’s sloppy and inconsistant filmmaking.

    • Jason Tyler

      jackson’s films weren’t that great? You’re crazy dude. Even if you didn’t enjoy them, what he accomplished on a filmmaking level was amazing.

      • Tonk99

        No. No it wasn’t. Mediocre scripting, poor pacing and structure, cringeworthy dialogue and some really shitty acting. Special effects were good at times, sloppy at others. The Two Towers is the worst of the three and nearly unwatchable now.

        • Jason Tyler

          yea, definitely a troll. nice try tho

          • Tonk99

            Riiiight. So someone who has a different opinion than yours is a troll? Does the phrase ‘Ad Hominem’ mean anything to you? Yeah, thought not. I’ll stand by my opinion on Jackson’s skill as a filmmaker. And I know PLENTY of people who share that opinion. Go watch King Kong if you need further evidence of his ineptitude.

          • syambo87

            Every Success Story is never without its Failure.. only Real Failures never get True Successes… Yes King Kong was Bad but Lord of the Rings was Peter Jackson’s best Project… it put him on the Map.. and New Zealand as well… Zack Snyder’s 300 was Brilliant.. but his Man of Steel and BvS wasn’t… George Lucas made Star Wars.. he also made The Prequel Trilogy…

            Quentin Tarantino made Pulp Fiction… he also gave us Hateful 8.. which was a box office flop… nobody is perfect… but shitting on somebody’s best work isn’t cool… people gave Jackson praise and an accolade… Trolls are just people who want to Hate…

      • syambo87

        maybe he’s upset he made a film that’s better than Peter Jackson… although… he is also criticizing Peter Jackson’s Return of the King which went on to win 11 Academy Awards including Best Director, Best Visual Effects, Best Writing Adapted Screenplay, Best Production Design… and i remember Peter Jackson joking He didn’t get nominated for best Foreign Film.. hahaha… but what do i know…

        • Tonk99

          Yeah, because lets face it: the Academy Awards are a pillar of credibility.

  • Victor Roa

    He’s so out of the loop on this one, It’s a producer again doing the “Legend of Zelda that’s like game of thrones for family on netflix.”

  • syambo87

    too soon for a Lord of The Rings Series… what they need to make is a Wizard of Oz Series… a live action version of the cartoon… i remember the cartoon series… they walked for a few episodes on the yellow brick road before reaching Oz…

  • Kronx

    I’d rather see something like an animated lost tales of Middle Earth where we can explore the amazing world and deep lore. There’s so much more to the world than the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit that it’s a shame to not explore it.

  • TheOct8pus

    Shit….if anything the Lord of the Rings trilogy was too long….I guess that’s why it could work as a series….if anyone’s interested in watching

  • Momitchell

    Heck yeah we need at least five hours of Dwarf Culture!!!

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