– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Star Trek fans rejoice! Or lament, depending on whether or not you actually wanted CBS All Access to succeed as a streaming service. According to the official Star Trek: Discovery Twitter account, the series has been picked up for a second season.

This is all actually very interesting. While Star Trek: Discovery has generally been praised by both critics and fans alike, if there’s been one criticism it’s had, it has to do with CBS All Access. To put it bluntly, compared to all the other streaming services out there, it’s incredibly lacking.

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CBS shows are generally known for being low on production value and low on innovation, and while it was great that they were taking another chance on Star Trek as a brand, it was disheartening that it was put behind a paywall. What’s more, there was nothing else there on their slate that seemed to appeal much to those who would pay for Trek.

While it still may be too early to judge, it seems like both Star Trek: Discovery and CBS All Access are persevering for at least another year or so, for better or worse.

What do you think? Are you excited to hear Star Trek: Discovery is on for another season? Let us know down below!

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  • Victor Roa

    It’s coasting on the name alone, the show isn’t as good as it’s letting on, and the CBSAllAccess poor network issues ruins it a lot. I’m watching it now, and it’s….. it has the same problem as the Transformers films “I’m the only one who knows everything and I fight the system. Whoopse started a giant Kilgon on War….. character flaw?”
    Rewatching Next Gen on Netflix…… man, it’s so gooooooooood! Establish Jordi’s character flaw so well but he’s still a great character to be around. The new show is trying to “we are so complex we find in shadows hence why we got black alert.”

  • Behemothrex

    ROFL they are basically renewing this so they can avoid all the “I told you so’s” because this show is an utter failure. If this was not labeled Star Trek it would just be a stupid mediocre sci-fi show populated by retards. But since it is branded as Star Trek it is still limping along. This show is like a slap in the face to Trek and will be remembered as the TV show that killed the franchise.

    Hail the Orville!

    • TheOct8pus

      I haven’t seen it – nor am I a huge Trekkie – but what in your opinion sucks about it? I’m just wondering, how bad can it be?

      • Behemothrex

        Oh man how long do you have, even if you completely remove the Star Trek moniker it is barely a step above a Sy-Fy movie. And that is simply because they poured a butt ton of money into the effects. I will try to be brief.

        1) NO character development, characters are one dimensional and most you hate instantly.

        2) Characters are stupid as hell. They do things that only mentally deficient people would even consider. Giant killer beast that can literally chew threw steel, hey let it out of its cage (which it somehow can’t get out of)…oh I’m dead!

        3) Star Fleet is portrayed as war mongering with a shoot first mentality.

        4) 10 Years before the original series but tech is about 100 years beyond JJ’s movies.

        5) Klingons in such heavy makeup they have no ability to emote and they all talk like they have a mouth full of shit. Oh and they always speak in Klingon, so get ready for long sections of reading subtitles.

        6) Every character is in constant conflict with each other, everyone appears to hate their crew mates at all times.

        7) The main character is being raised by Sarek! a Vulcan who basically hated his own son because he was half human, but who dotes on his fully human adopted daughter….and is basically a living force ghost that can communicate with her over unlimited distances….in the form of you guessed it a force ghost. Oh and no mention of Spock.

        8) The characters are idiotic! Hey look some strange thing out there but it’s surrounded by radiation how do we examine it, I know I will personally go out there in a suit! When just one minute earlier they showed a drone shuttle picking up a huge satellite and bringing it aboard. I know I said stupid twice, but I could literally have a list of 100 things no one with a brain would do if I wanted to.

        9) The main character a women is named Michael and has been trained by Vulcans. So let us examine. Put a woman as the main character to empower Women show they are capable (although Star Trek has a long history of this already). So is she feminine nope Vulcan trained so no emotions, or should I say more male like. Does she have a female name, nope a male one because nothing is more empowering to women then naming a female with a males name. Does she act in any way feminine nope she is a complete asshole. Go Women!

        10) They completely ripped off Dune. (Spoiler if you even care at this point)

        They travel using Navigators and a substance almost exactly like the spice and in the same exact way. The navigator a mutated being is inside a chamber filled with spores (spice) and he then can take them to any place in the Universe instantly (fold space) it is so blatant I wonder how they are getting away with it.

        11) I said I would be brief but I could go on all day.

        Watch the Orville instead.

        • TheOct8pus

          Damn!! Thanks for this in-depth reply. I had a tiny bit of interests in seeing this, but now much less…

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