– by Seth McDonald

As filming on Disney’s still untitled Han Solo anthology continues, we are given a morsel of goodness from the set. A photo posted by Star Wars News Net shows a sandy planet with some very old buildings. Moving left to right we see four dome-shaped dwellings, and an elevated platform with more of the same kind of structures. They don’t appear as having been lived in for some time as they are fairly well damaged. To the far right we can see what looks to be pod racing engines. My thinking is this is an old Empire base that has been abandoned.

The outlet obtained the photo from the Spanish language site Carnias7, who also shared rumors about the photo, insisting this is Coreilla, the home planet of Han Solo. Though they never gave a source as to why they believe this to be Han’s home world. Here is the rough translation:

“The hometown of Han Solo emerges from the white sand of the Jandía Natural Park. The inhabitants of this place, the planet Corellia, live in damaged igloos under the remains of ships and other intergalactic scrap. It is the first image from this shooting location. Early rumors pointed to houses being built of salt, with tons and tons of salt. A witness who managed this week to avoid the heavy security of the set described that the town was made up of brown leather tents or jaimas. However, the image shows a village almost on the verge of being undone, built with metallic remains that provide protection from the sun of Corellia being created in Fuerteventura.”

The photo can be seen here.

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At this point, the location is anyone’s guess, although it seems likely that it will turn out to be Tatooine. This is where we first meet Han Solo in A New Hope, where he and Chewy are hanging out with the local scum and villainy. Tatooine appears to be scarcely populated making it a hotspot for smugglers and thieves. We already know that the Mos Eisley Cantina is more or less a black market meeting place for such folks.  While fans will likely take a trip to Han’s home world of Coreilla during the film, according to Wookieepedia the planet is listed as having a more temperate climate, while the photo shows a planet with features more like Tatooine or even Jakku.

is this planet Coreilla, Tatooine, or a new planet altogether? Let us know in the comments down below!

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SOURCE: Star Wars News NetCarnias7