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Terminator fans rejoice! If you’re amongst the hopeful that believe director Alan Taylor’s reboot-within-a-sequel is going to give the franchise the shot in the arm it so desperately needs, then take solace in the fact that Terminator: Genesis has begun filming. Taylor, the Game of Thrones veteran that also brought us last year’s Thor: The Dark World, has put together a cast that includes Academy Award nominees, fellow GoT vets, and- most importantly- the face of the franchise, the Austrian Oak himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Skydance Productions has taken to its official Facebook page to reveal the film slate for the very first shot of the very first scene for Terminator: Genesis. Included is an intriguing glimpse of what the scene itself could entail. So consider this your *SPOILER ALERT*before proceeding to check out the Facebook post.

See the top right corner of the slate? It says “R.I.P. Sarah.” That, of course, brings to mind Sarah Connor, who’ll be played this time around by the Mother of Dragons, Emilia Clarke. We know the character is going to be featured prominently in this film, which will use time travel in a very similar way to the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Pastwhere it will be used as a way to reroute the series and fix some of the issues that came in later sequels. So could the “R.I.P. Sarah” thing be referring to a sequence where they effectively change the character’s fate? In Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines the character was unceremoniously written out of the series, having died off-camera of a terminal disease. Are they going to address that? Or does “R.I.P.” have to do with a new threat on her life being presented in this movie?

What do you think?


Poster Brian McQuery has brought the following to my attention:

“R.I.P. SARAH is for Sarah Jones, the 2nd Assistant Camera who died on the set of MIDNIGHT RIDER. There has been a whole movement, ‘SLATES FOR SARAH’ where productions would pay tribute to her on their slates.”

So that settles that mystery!

SOURCE: Skydance