24: Legacy 5:00pm – 6:00pm Review

Courtesy of Fox

Courtesy of Fox

The body of Ben Grimes lays lifeless on the ground. Squatting next to him is his Army Ranger brother and close friend, Eric Carter. Eric is holding some of Ben’s belongings: a picture of all the members of their unit and Ben’s dog tags. Eric is pained by he loss of his friend, his brother in arms. He places the picture back in its plastic bag, but keeps Ben’s dog tags for himself.

It wouldn’t be 24 without some personal pain for the main character.

With Gabriel out of the picture, CTU can only depend upon the information from his laptop in order to find Bin Khalid’s terrorist cells. As extreme as Eric’s idea was, it all pays off. The CTU Response Team is able to uncover files from the laptop that reveal the aliases of the terrorists, including Jadalla Bin-Khalid, and their current location. After heavy persuasion from Eric himself, Keith allows Eric to remain with the Response Team and be present during the potential raid of the compound. Before moving on, Eric asks that Keith have a few agents head to Isaac’s residence to pick up Nicole and bring her to CTU. Keith approves.

In one of the CTU holding areas, John demands that his father Henry tell CTU the exact information he told him regarding his involvement with the terrorist cells. Henry continues to play the card that he has no idea what his son is talking about, denying anything that John has told them before. Rebecca calls John out of the room and informs him of the intel they have obtained, that they are moving in on Jadalla’s location and that they do not need Henry’s admission. John then meets with Nilaa, apologizing for what she was put through and then asks her to contact the party chair to inform him that he will be withdrawing from the race. Nilaa agrees to setup the meet.

With their father tied up in the house, Khasan and Amira continue to prepare for their role in the attacks, having received their “go ahead” via text. David arrives from the school with his portion of chemicals needed to finalize their explosive devices. Feeling that Amira is only following along under pressure from her brother, David takes Khasan’s gun and shoots him in the stomach. In return, Amira stabs David to death with a screwdriver and consoles her brother. Before he passes, Khasan tells her it is up to her to complete the mission. Even with her father pleading for her not to go through with it, she kisses him goodbye, duct tape’s his mouth shut and leaves him tied to the chair as she goes forth to finish the mission.

Courtesy of Fox

Courtesy of Fox

Keith and Rebecca discover that the shootout with Gabriel’s men was filmed by a bystander and sent to media outlets. They contact the Response Team to inform them there is a chance their raid could be compromised and to move in as quickly as possible. In the terrorist hideout, one of the henchmen named Salim (played by Peter Malek, who recently became a follower of this writer’s Instagram account… thank you, Peter!) informs Jadalla of what has just aired on the news. As Eric and the Response Team move in on the hideout, they find it deserted. They are too late. Jadalla and his men have escaped.

It is here where the historical and treasured Jack Bauer line is delivered, this time by an angered and frustrated Keith Mullins… â€œDamn it!”

Eric calls Nicole and updates her on their missed opportunity to capture Jadalla. The two say goodbye and hang up. CTU agents arrive at Isaac’s and he escorts Nicole outside to their vehicle, only to be ambushed by more of Jadalla’s men. The agents and some of Isaac’s crew are killed as Nicole and Isaac are grabbed by these terrorists, thrown into a van and driven away.

Courtesy of Fox

Courtesy of Fox

Amira’s father is able to break free from the chair and makes his way to the garage, where he sees the bodies of David and his son Khasan. He also comes across plans and maps, all of which center on one location: the George Washington Bridge. When calling Amira to talk her down fails, he calls 9-1-1.

Keith and Rebecca are informed of the 9-1-1 call and contact the Port Patrol officer in charge of the bridge. They order him to clear out as many people as possible and, if he sees a clear opportunity, to take out Amira. While halting traffic, the officer sees the white truck heading toward him and fires three shots into the driver’s side of the windshield. The truck veers right and crashes. Keith calls the officer and asks him to verify that Amira is disabled and to look for the detonator. As he examines her, Amira awakens, looks him in the eyes and presses the button. Amira, the officer and numerous victims are engulfed in a huge explosion on the George Washington Bridge. Everyone at CTU can only look on in horror.

Eric arrives back at CTU in time to see the aftermath of the detonation. Rebecca informs him that so far, the blast has taken over one hundred lives. Before they can talk further, Eric’s phone rings. Expecting it to be Nicole, Eric is shocked to hear her in distress and then to hear the voice of Jadalla Bin-Khalid. Jadalla informs Eric that he has Nicole and Isaac. He then demands that Eric obtain someone who can recover data from the damaged flash drive and bring them to his location. If Eric fails or makes a wrong move, Jadalla promises that Nicole and Isaac will suffer a slow and painful death.

And the clock ticks down to 6:00pm…

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