– by Anthony Esteves

Credit: Guy D'Alema/FOX

Credit: Guy D’Alema/FOX

24: Legacy – “7:00pm – 8:00pm”

Eric and Andy have turned themselves over to Jadalla. Nicole and Isaac are on their way to CTU, which is trying to locate Eric and Andy. Henry is about to be interrogated. All while the terrorists are inching closer to achieving their goals.

Thomas, having been handcuffed to piping in the parking structure, finds a way to break free and inform CTU of Eric’s plan to have Andy place a virus in Jadalla’s flash drive. Mariana scans numerous street cameras to try and locate Eric’s truck and locate the terrorist hideout. Keith eventually takes all the information he has so far and takes it to a satellite briefing with the Department of National Intelligence.

Isaac drives Eric’s truck back to CTU while Nicole tries to convince him that they need to turn around to help him. Unaware of Jadalla’s men tailing them, the two are caught off guard when those terrorists fire upon them. Having pulled over, Isaac and Nicole lure Jadalla’s men into an industrial building, where they surprise the two, killing one and injuring the other. Isaac decides to contact his crew and spend some extra time on the surviving terrorist, getting whatever information possible out of him.

Henry is tied to his chair in the makeshift interrogation room. Sidra is going through the final preparations before beginning their enhanced interrogation process. Before they start, John arrives, condemning Rebecca’s actions. Rebecca states the case that this needs to be done for the numerous victims in the bridge bombing, reminding him that Henry’s silence allowed the attack to occur. Reluctantly, John allows the interrogation to take place, but not before letting Rebecca know that he no longer recognizes the woman before him. Given the go ahead, Tony Almeida steps into the room and starts his interrogation.

Isaac’s crew arrives at the industrial building just as Isaac finishes torturing the terrorist, getting the information he needs and then shooting him dead. Isaac and Nicole are able to convince his crew to help them in attacking Jadalla’s location, stopping the sleeper call attacks from occurring and saving Eric.

During their briefing, Keith is informed by the Department of National Intelligence that they intend to launch a surgical air strike once the location is obtained in an attempt to stop Jadalla’s attack. Keith reminds them of Eric and Andy being at the location, but the Secretary Of Defense stands by his orders.

Guy D'Alema/FOX

Guy D’Alema/FOX

As Eric is beaten repeatedly by the terrorists, Andy is ordered to begin his repairs. Andy follows the plan of injecting a virus into the flash drive only to learn that the flash drive Jadalla gave him was a decoy. After refusing to continue and being stabbed in the leg for his refusal, Andy agrees to repair the drive. Eric makes attempts to break free and cause a diversion, only for them to fail and for him to be beaten down more so. At one point, Eric recognizes a man meeting with Jadalla by the name of Naseri; someone who appears to be more dangerous than Jadalla. Finally, just as it seems there is no hope, Isaac and his crew come bursting in, guns blazing at the terrorists. They rescue Eric and Andy just as the air strike hits the target, destroying the building.

With the air strike hitting its target, Rebecca allows John to enter the interrogation room and calls off the interrogation, much to Tony’s dismay. Tony believes he is close to cracking him, but Rebecca demands the end of it since Jadalla’s plans have been thwarted. Back at the destroyed hideout, Thomas and his team move in as Eric continues to look for Jadalla in the rubble. Thomas locates Andy, who was able to hold onto Jadalla’s flash drive. Eric locates Jadalla, but before he can get any Intel out of him, Thomas orders him to stand down. As the CTU team takes Jadalla into custody, Eric explains to Thomas that he saw Naseri and that they need to locate him.

As Eric informs Thomas, Naseri secretly moves throughout the rubble. Avoiding the CTU team and making it clear of the area, Naseri continues on foot, disappearing into the night.

And the clock ticks down to 8:00pm…