– by Seth McDonald

Even social ettiquette requires one to refrain from talking during a movie, people still whisper back and forth to each other. With most movies, comments to whoever you may be watching a movie with are generally acceptable, however, for A Quiet Place, the atmosphere of the theater was much different. Because of the nature of the film, A Quiet Place provided theater audiences with a unique experience. In speaking with CinemaBlend, sound editor on the film, Erik Aadahl, explained how after the initial screening, the film’s sound level was gradually lowered to help the audience better immerse themselves in the film.

“What we wound up doing after the very first SXSW screening of the film — which was the first time audiences saw it — we actually readjusted reel one of the movie a little bit. Where… so, we started the film actually at a more traditional sound level, and then eased the audience in over a few minutes into the quiet. And that gave everyone’s ears a chance to re-tune to kind of more… [of] a different experience that people might not have been used to. So we gave theatrical audiences a little bit of a chance to learn the rules, and start to put their popcorn away [laughs] and stop talking or taking texts. And that was kind of fun to, you know — we checked it out with audiences, and it was kind of neat to see the whole audience start to learn the rules of this film. And in a way, it made them active participants with the characters in the film, which is really an exciting participatory experience for us to see.”

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I didn’t get to experience the film in theaters, but now I wished I would have. The film’s original, yet simple premise worked beautifully and found a new way to frighten audiences through silence.

If you still haven’t seen A Quiet Place, you really should watch it as soon as possible. I recently watched the film and I have to say I haven’t been that tense watching a film in a quite a while. Knowing that Krasinki was inspired by Jurassic Park, the tension is unreal, many scenes call back to the same feeling of the famous velicoraptors in the kitchen scene.

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Source: CinemaBlend