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This weekend will be an interesting one to look out for. On one hand, we have a $150 million blockbuster extravaganza in the form of Alita: Battle Angel and in the other, we have a low-budget horror-thriller sequel in the form of Happy Death Day 2U. What’s interesting is that the low-budget horror film doesn’t really come off as the underdog in this particular scenario.

The first Happy Death Day film grossed over $125 million worldwide, really paving the way for this fun-looking sequel to capitalize on its success. With its $9 million budget, it’s pretty much guaranteed to clean up, even if it doesn’t live up to the first film in terms of quality or box office. This weekend, Happy Death Day 2U is expected to kick off with around $18 million to $22 million over the three0day weekend and around $25 million counting tomorrow’ screenings. The same can’t be said of Alita: Battle Angel.

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While the big-budget movie has James Cameron billed as producer, it still has its mammoth price tag to think about. While Rodriguez told LRM Online it cost in the range of $150 million, Deadline claims its budget was closer to $237 million. And sadly, the buzz isn’t great. As much as I personally want to see this movie succeed, the buzz says otherwise, with tracking pointing to under $30 million opening. And even if the film manages to break that over its five days in theaters this weekend, that’s still not a great performance.

It also doesn’t help that the film is split, with it teetering between Rotten and Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, with it currently sitting at 58% (Which actually isn’t an awful rating). Perhaps it can prove an upset, but as I’m sure you readers can attest to, this one just doesn’t seem to be pulling enthusiasm from genre fans, which is a shame.

What do you think of these figures? Do you think Alita: Battle Angel will crumble? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Deadline

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