Andor Season Finale Review – Great End To Best Star Wars Show Yet

Here we are at the Andor Season finale review and what an inaugural season this has been. Find out what I thought.

Here we are at the Andor Season finale review and what an inaugural season this has been. Without doubt, in my opinion Andor Season 1 is heads and shoulders the best Star Wars TV show to date, the best Star Wars product made by Disney, and probably the best Star Wars anything since the original trilogy. However, it is not for everyone and not all Star Wars fans feel as I do. For some fans Star Wars is escapism and Andor is a little too ‘real’. Remember for everyone out there who loves high quality drama like Sopranos or Breaking Bad, there are also those who try them and don’t get all the fuss.

Andor is good enough to be mentioned in the same breath as shows like those mentioned above. In fact, of all the shows I’ve seen in 2022, Andor is just behind the Better Call Saul final season for me as the best of the year. I enjoyed Andor more than any other show this year outside BCS and there have been some great and varied TV in 2022.

Episode 12 – Rix Road

On to the Season finale and I will be staying SPOILER FREE as I have done with all my Andor reviews in Season 1. So was it any good? The short answer, is it was great and everyone should go watch it. The long answer is that whilst this Season finale was not my favorite episode of the series, it was still bloody brilliant.

If you have been following along then I would say there is an element of predictability in where the finale goes. When you get a story this well told, the ending is I think better sign posted. That should not mean to say it was dull, or unexciting because of that predictability. Instead, the tension is mounting because we can feel what is going to happen and we care about the characters involved.

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All the main characters we’ve been following, save one, are on Ferrix for the climax. The Rebels are there to kill Cassian because he’s a threat, the Empire wants to question him to find out about Luthen. The thing is, we know fine well going in that Cassian not only survives, but goes in to work more directly with the Rebellion. In other words, it’s not the end result that’s important here, it is the journey the characters are going on. That one character whose story for now remains separate is Mon Mothma. We don’t get too much from Mon this week, though what we do get is somehow very disturbing on many levels. Without spoiling though it’s hard to explain what I mean.

The acting is once again phenomenal, by everyone. The set design, cinematography and score is on point as it has been all season. Some of the action, whilst not over the top is very visceral. Frankly that’s just not what we are used to seeing in Star Wars. Character arcs are handled well and conclude in satisfying ways. Though, we know many of these characters we will be seeing more of in Season 2.

There are definitely a few moments within this finale I found quite emotional, a couple of speeches, some reactions etc. Honestly I think I’d rate this season finale as around the 3rd best episode of Andor so far. Given the previous quality that is still high praise indeed. Ergo, without getting into specifics on the story I will leave it there. Andor was great and I didn’t rate a single episode so far below an A-. Therefore with me saying the finale was the third best episode, roughly, then it’s not hard to see where I’m going.

Grade: A

What did you think of my spoiler free Andor Season finale review? Leave your own review of the finale episode below. Tell us what you think, were you as positive about Andor as I am? As always, let us know.

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