– by Seth McDonald

What should prove to be the most epic and largest scale superhero movie us nerds have ever seen is drawing closer. Thanos fully comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe on April 27, and with him will come havoc, chaos, and the likely deaths of multiple members of the Avengers. While speaking to the press on the set of Avengers: Infinity War, co-directors Joe and Anthony Russo say the upcoming battle will be the biggest fans have ever seen.

Joe Russo:

“We have an equivalent that’s like, if you had a comic book and you opened it up to your double panel, and then you fold it out, and then you folded it out again and again.”

Anthony Russo added:

“And then you got another comic book out and laid it next to it.”

Joe Russo continued:

“We’ll say this: we like mature storytelling. We like traumatic storytelling. We like intense storytelling. I think we appreciate conflict, and we appreciate stakes. Without stakes, it really isn’t a lot of value to the story. I think, if you look at the Marvel Universe as a whole, as a story that’s been told for 10 years, you can look at this as the climax. The stakes will be higher in this movie than they’ve ever been, times 10.”

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From what we have heard, the first five minutes of the film is going to knock us on our asses, which likely means we are going to lose an Avenger right away, most fans think it is going to be Vision that will be the first to suffer the wrath of the purple (now a lighter colored) titan. Thanos is going to be ultra powerful and like no villain we’ve seen thus far in the MCU. The Russo brothers have give us two great installments into the MCU and these final two Avengers films will likely be their magnum opus as far as their work in the superhero genre.

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Source: ComicBook