– by Seth McDonald

Avengers: Infinity War will bring with it new collaborations and teamwork from heroes we usually don’t see working together. With multiple franchises within the Marvel Cinematic Universe converging, the film will be a sight to behold for sure. As part of Entertainment Weekly’s Avengers spread, we learn that the characters of my favorite Marvel franchise, The Guardians of the Galaxy will for the most part be split up, and will have to learn to work with other superheroes in the fight against Thanos.

“The Guardians split up, with Gamora leading her own mission and Thor teaming with teen Groot and Rocket Raccoon on a quest of another nature. Ultimately, all roads in Infinity War lead to one place …”

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With Thor’s new attitude hopefully carrying over from Ragnarok, the interactions between him, Groot and especially Rocket should prove to be both awesome and hilarious. Over the last decade, Marvel has been slowly integrating the various franchises of their shared universe, but late April comes the big one, all the major players will be there and they will need all the help they can get to take down Thanos.

Avengers: Infinity War opens April 27.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly