– by Campbell Clark

Avengers: Infinity War allows us only a brief glimpse of Titan as it once was. As such we never really got to see any other members of the Titan race up close.

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However, we do know that originally it was the plan to delve a bit more into the background of Thanos in this movie, something that was changed before release. Infinity War VFX supervisor Matt Aitken has confirmed that, just like the comic source, Thanos was supposed to look quite different to the other members of his race.

Speaking with Screen Rant Aitken said,

“Originally there had early on been a longer sequence that we were going to be involved in that was a longer flashback to the original Titan, which explained in more depth Thanos’ motivations and what’s driving him, but they ended up boiling it down to [what’s in the movie]… It’s essentially telling the same message but in a more concise format, with this more handful of shots.

We were prepared for that more in-depth look of Titan, should we have done that. Yes, Thanos is a little bit of a mutant of his own people. They’re not humans in color but they’re not as bright purple as he is and not as tall as he is and they don’t have the same chin that he has. So, yeah, he definitely, he was designed and the other Titan residents to accentuate that difference for sure.”

We have no idea at what stage this was all cut back, so whether it is something we could see in a deleted scene for home release is unknown. It is also possible that the Russo brothers could decide to bring this into Avengers 4 somewhere, if not, there is always an Eternals movie? Kevin Feige said doing an Eternals movie was something they have considered for the future of the MCU. It’s worth noting that Thanos’ father was himself an Eternal, so one day, we may actually get to see the non-Thanos design for Titans.

Is this something you would like to see pop up, either in deleted scenes or in another movie?

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SOURCE: Screen Rant