– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Thor honestly should have sucked. And I don’t just mean the first film in the franchise. I mean the character himself. Seriously, he should have sucked. He was outlandish, oafish, and completely off from every other superhero movie that worked in the past. And then Chris Hemsworth came in and nailed the role. Personally, I thought the first Thor movie was amazing (probably my favorite of the Phase 1 films), and while that second flick wasn’t super solid, its weaknesses never had to do with Hemsworth.

Because of how difficult of a character he was to pull off, it’s understandable that even the writers of that first Avengers film didn’t have faith that he would work as a character. Speaking with THR, Avengers screenwriter Zak Penn, who got a story credit on the film, discussed his attempts to limit the character’s role in early drafts.

“I remember Chris Hemsworth walking through the Marvel offices and being, ‘Oh, my god, that guy is Thor.’… Originally I was trying to reduce how much Thor was in the movie. Once it was clear that, no, this is going to work and they were excited about it, then I did not [reduce Thor in the script]. I stopped doing that.”

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As Hemsworth has proven several times over, faith in him was the smart way to go. Even now, with the recent Thor: Ragnarok having come out, he’s proven that he can take the character in a whole new direction without skipping a beat. Now, he’s become the favorite of many fans. Can you imagine a first film that doesn’t give him the screen time he needs?

No way. That movie certainly worked on the strengths of the entire ensemble, and Thor was a big part of that ensemble. Could you imagine an Avengers film with much less Thor? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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