– by Emmanuel Gomez

The annual NFL Superbowl sees a majority of Americans coming together to witness the two best teams of the League battle it out for the Lombardi Trophy. Part of the spectacle is the variety of cleaver commercials companies try and put together for a substantial amount of money. This year for me at least one stood out above the rest. The Bud Light/Game of Thrones crossover commercial. You can check it out above!

The commercial starts off like any other Bud Light commercial a medieval setting with filled with Bud Light and a jousting Bud Light Knight. That’s when everything goes wrong as the Knight is knocked off his horse and his opponent is revealed, HBO’s Game of Thrones’ the Mountain, who then proceeds to kill the Knight in the same fashion that he killed Oberyn Mertell in season 4 of the series. But in Game of Thrones fashion that is not the end of the Kingdom’s woes as the skies darken with the arrival of one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons who proceed to set fire to the event. Leaving a crushed and burnt dead Bud Light Knight in the end.

It was a great commercial to watch at the time because you almost ignored it as just another cheesy Bud Light commercial, even when he falls off his horse and is ominously approached, you don’t get a sense of trouble until the Mountain is revealed and even more shocking was the fact that he was allowed to have his head crushed! When the dragon appears you almost have a quick sense of relief as you think he may be there to kill the Mountain and save Bud Light. But no this was not the case, it was there to burn it all down.

It was an interesting choice for Anheuser-Busch to allow HBO to hijack their commercial. Especially when the HBO first approached Bud Light executives and its ad firm, they made it clear that the script would call for the death of their Knight in the same fashion that had been seen on their series. According to Morningstar, HBO’s marketing chief Chris Spadaccini had made it clear to them that “The Bud Knight had to die.” They even brought in David Nutter the director of several Game of Thrones episodes including the infamous Red Wedding, along with the show’s creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss to help out with the commercial.

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The last season of HBO’s Game of Thrones will be released on April 14th, 2019.


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Source: Youtube, Morningstar