– by Campbell Clark

Captain Marvel is coming folks. Whilst it has been made implicitly clear that she will arrive to help our heroes in Avengers 4, we also have her origin story as the lead in to that movie coming up as well.

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It would be no real surprise if Captain Marvel followed the standard Marvel origin story structure. You know what I mean, hero has no powers and faces threats, gets powers but can’t or won’t use them, learns to use powers and stops the evil disposable villain. Iron Man and Dr Strange perhaps were most closely themed around this formula, however, there are elements of it in Ant-Man, Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger also.

Captain Marvel though is set to break this origin formula completely, here’s what Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore had to say in an interview with Cinemablend

” I think there is a structure to origin films that audiences sometimes get ahead of very quickly. So if we do origin films, internally, we talk about how we can subvert that structure.”

To be fair, it would be hard to accuse Black Panther of rigidly following this formula, so perhaps this is the end of the classic origin story for Marvel?

Here’s what Moore said about applying this to Captain Marvel,

“For instance, Captain Marvel is an origin movie in that you haven’t seen her before, but we think we’ve stumbled upon a structure there that isn’t the traditional structure of what origin movies typically are, which is you meet the character, they have a problem, they get powers at the end of the first act, and the end of the second act they learn about the powers, the third act they probably fight a villain who has a function of the same powers.”

When we add this to Kevin Feige saying the film would tell a “unique and inspiring” origin, It does pique my interest in Captain Marvel even more. I am ready to go into the theater expecting the usual and end up being pleasantly surprised for once.

What are your thoughts on all this talk of Captain Marvel being a very different sort of origin story, any theories you wish to share? Let us know in the comments section and stay tuned to LRM for any further news about Captain Marvel.

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SOURCE: Cinemablend