– by Seth McDonald

Veteran actor Josh Brolin is right in the thick of the superhero genre, playing Thanos is the massively successful Avengers: Infinity War, as well as Cable in Deadpool 2. The genre wasn’t always this kind to Brolin as his first superhero role was the DC character, Jonah Hex. Brolin starred as the bounty hunter in a 2010 film that was, to put it nicely, not well received. The actor recently spoke with ScreenRant and said the Jonah Hex film almost ruined the genre for him.

“Well, you know what, I mean, a good story is a good story and I never told myself… I agree with you. I was kind of the same way. I was like, I just don’t see that, you know, and I like doing these other types of movies and whatever that means, and we kind of dipped our fingers into Jonah Hex and that didn’t turn out so well. So I was like, you know, I had an intention for that movie and I didn’t reach it.”

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Brolin continued:

“So I kind of stayed away from that thing but you know, there’s something that happens when you have the opportunity, first when Kevin Fiege is talking to you, and from a really like [as] a fan, you know, base point of view and he’s saying, ‘We thought of this great story and we always saw you doing it.’ And it’s not the compliments necessarily, but it’s like all the Avengers against you.”

It is a much different world playing a DC character that is not well known among the masses, compared to coming into the well established and consistent quality of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The fact that he would play the villain in the biggest superhero crossover film of all time, had to be a huge influence on Brolin’s decision. I for one am thankful Brolin ended up coming on as Thanos, I thought he was fantastic as the character, and am excited to see how Cable turns out.

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Source: ScreenRant