– by Campbell Clark


Captain Marvel will be the next installment of the MCU early next year in March. We have known for some time that the movie was going to be set chronologically prior to Iron Man sometime in the 90’s. However exactly when was still a mystery.

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There were fan predictions of 1993 but really I could find no basis for these initial claims. Now we don’t have to speculate any further. MCU Cosmic has reported a discovery on Marvel’s official Japanese website confirming that the movie is set in 1995. I get that this is not the most exciting news to come out about this movie, but it is still news.

So, Cap Marvel will be battling the Skrull invasion of Earth on the same year as the Oklahoma bombing, The Galileo spacecraft arriving at Jupiter, Toy Story and Braveheart hitting theaters and OJ Simpson making worldwide headlines in his murder arrest and trial of which we all know he was found innocent.

Whether we should expect to see any little shout outs or Easter Eggs to anything that went on in 95 is unknown, though considering it seems a lot of the film seems to be set off-Earth, I wouldn’t expect to see Carol Danvers getting down to The Spice Girls too much.

However, we shall have to wait and see on that front. I can’t wait till the MCU starts up again in 2019 personally, so I’m there for Captain Marvel on opening weekend for sure.

What do you think of Captain Marvel being set in 1995? Sound off below in the usual place as always.

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