– by Campbell Clark

We still know very little about what to expect from The Mandalorian, the new Star Wars live-action TV series which will be shown on the newly rebranded Disney+. Whilst as production began we got a few photos and a few teases, since then we have had nothing, not even any confirmation of the actors in the show.

A short while ago, the Star Wars scoop site MakingStarWars shared a rumor that Carl Weathers would be appearing in the show, whilst this initial rumor didn’t get much traction despite the outlets high hit rate with Star Wars news, it has now been confirmed by other sources. Discussing Film has also had Weathers name confirmed to them by independent sources after following up on the initial report by MakingStarWars.

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If you know how this game works as we do, then you know that this seems like a done deal as far as rumors go, we have two independent sources saying the same thing and one of the outlets with a great track record for Star Wars leaks. Though, of course, things can also change, but at this point, it’d be surprising if Weathers wasn’t at least in talks at some point.

So I guess that Carl Weathers (a movie icon of mine), star of Predator and the Rocky movies is going to be finally arriving in the Star Wars universe. We have absolutely zero information about how much of a recurring role this may be, who he might be playing, or….well anything other than the fact he’s going to be in it. However, personally I want to see badass TV series exploring the murkier side of Star Wars and Carl Weathers fits right into that profile for me.

Lets us know what you think of Weathers being in The Mandalorian, you can hit us up in the usual place below.

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SOURCE: Discussing Film, MakingStarWars