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Captain Marvel Trailer Breakdown: What To Expect From Marvel’s Latest

The Captain Marvel trailer has finally hit, and with it, we have yet another entry in the ridiculously successful Marvel Cinematic Universe impending. And this was no little teaser. It was a full-on two-minute look at the film, and in it there were more nuggets than you could shake a stick at.

Of course, this isn’t a movie that happens in a vacuum. It’s the latest in more than 20 films in a thriving world, and as such, there’s a lot to dissect and break down. How does this thing fit into said world, and how does it stand out from other stories we’ve already seen?

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A Forgotten Past

As we learned from a previous piece from Entertainment Weekly, Captain Marvel won’t feature your traditional origin story. In fact, it won’t really be an origin story at all. When we first see the character in the film, she’ll be a member of Starforce, an elite SEAL Team Six-type military group led by Mar-Vell.

While we only see a glimpse of Starforce in the trailer, the implication seems to be that a mission they’re on leads her crashing into a Blockbuster Video store (a nice touch that firmly cements the story into the ’90s). She seems to have amnesia of sorts. She doesn’t know why, but she gets the impression that she’s actually an Earth native. As a side note, this looks like it could be a nod to Ms. Marvel #1, where J. Jonah Jameson hires Carol Danvers to figure out who Ms. Marvel is. Carol takes on the job, not knowing it’s actually her. It doesn’t look to be a full adaptation, but more of a clever nod.


I said before this won’t be a traditional origin story, but it looks like they will be showing off Carol Danvers pre-superhero abilities, as evidenced by the numerous flashbacks. They’ll also be incorporating scenes from her youth and other younger points in her life. Carol looks like she’s getting tossed around a bit here, and I wonder if that’ll be a motif throughout the story, with her getting thrown to the ground, which triggers a memory from a different period in her life. I get a bit of a Captain America vibe from those shots, in that she can’t be kept down.

I get the impression that it’s this rebellious and resilient, and that will be how she ends up with her abilities. It’ll likely be that attitude that makes her an eventual replacement for Captain America in the MCU.

Conflict With The Skrulls

Of course, it can never just be a story about a girl reclaiming her lost memories. There has to be a larger threat looming, and as we already knew, the Skrulls will be filling in that role, with Ben Mendelsohn taking on the role of the leading Skrull baddie.

For those who don’t know, Skrulls are an alien race that are able to shapeshift, meaning they can take on virtually anyone’s form, which can pose a problem.

I expect the story will be about Captain Marvel rediscovering her Earthly roots and finding herself in a position to defend the planet from the Skrulls, who have invaded Earth in secret, as evidenced by Captain Marvel punching that old lady (though I’d respect the film if it ended up actually just being an old lady that Captain Marvel didn’t like).

But what plan do these guys have? They have a long conflict with the Krees in the comic book lore, and as such, I expect Earth’s role will be some means to somehow fuel the fire of conflict between the two. Captain Marvel will spend the film getting to her know her former self, and between that and her alien abilities, she’ll be the perfect force to take on the baddies.

But she won’t be alone in getting in touch with her Earthling side.

A Disenfranchised Nick Fury

Definitely noteworthy here is their use of Nick Fury. In Captain Marvel’s acclimation to the planet, he is her in-between. In an earlier EW piece, it hinted at the idea that Nick Fury is a lowly paper-pusher. I found this a bit odd considering that Nick still would have been pushing 50 years old, meaning that a job like that could have been low for someone who would become the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. within 10 years’ time.

In this film, though, it doesn’t look like he’s some wide-eyed and bushy-tailed desk jockey, but a jaded and disenfranchised agent who is about ready to call it quits on the job altogether. It’s his meeting with Captain Marvel that changes his perspective on things and brings and opens up his world.

Also, take note of the pager that he pulls out partway through, as it’s the same one we see in Avengers: Infinity War. It’s an obvious connection, but that doesn’t make it any less cool.

Other Tidbits

There are some parts of the trailer that we don’t really know a whole lot about just yet. Jude Law plays Captain Marvel’s mentor, Mar-Vell, but we have a sneaking suspicion he may not be all he’s cracked up to be. Something about him feels villainous to us, and we can see him being a big reason why Carol doesn’t remember her past and he could even be responsible for the Skrull/Kree conflict’s connection to Earth — or maybe he’s just fanning those flames to accomplish some other selfish goal.

There is also a shot of Captain Marvel hung upside down with some machine attached to her head. Is it erasing memories, reading them, or something else altogether? More importantly, who is the one behind the machine, and what are their motives? Something tells me, once again, that Mar-Vell is the true puppeteer behind it all.

Finally, the trailer featured Captain Marvel with a special mask (or as one of our writers likes to call it: the Gimp mask). This one covers most of her head and her hair protrudes out of the top like a mohawk. Another addition is the forcefield around her mouth, which protects her mouth and lungs from the alien elements.

But what did you think of the Captain Marvel trailer and what other big tidbits have we missed from the trailer? Let us know down below!

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