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Ben Mendelsohn is an actor who has found his niche playing villains with mustache-twirling tendencies. He played one in The Dark Knight Rises, Ready Player One, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, just to name a few, and he will continue on that path for the upcoming Marvel joint, Captain Marvel. But what exactly makes this character different from other MCU villains? Well, I suppose you can start with the fact that they shapeshift.

Mendelsohn’s character, Talos, is one of the Skrulls, a race of beings who will make up the baddies of this film and, presumably, some of the future movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But, of course, Mendelsohn had some things to say about who he was as a character when asked by a few journalists in a roundtable interview:

“I’m Talos. I’m the battle commander of the Skrulls. I take it most of you know who Skrulls are? We kind of rule the s**t. Most of the rest of the Marvel comic universe are punks basically. And I guess to quote Snoop Dogg, we are the shiznit. We stand above. I mean, look, we can be anyone, and we’re stronger than the rest of them. Basically, that’s it. Yeah, we’re maligned, we’re misunderstood. But, you know, we’re Skrulls. We’re Skrullin. Any other questions?”

Well, that was just the beginning of the interview, so there were definitely some more questions to come, namely, “What is their overall goal in the film?” Mendelsohn didn’t mince words:

“What are they out for? What is their raison d’etre? Oh, you know, like most people, they just want a place to call their own, and just be able to chill. But these other types getting in the way all the time, messing with us…”

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Okay, well he certainly seems like a fun interviewee, doesn’t he? Well, you can’t really talk about the Skrull without mentioning the Kree, as there is an ongoing war between the two races. So what could Mendelsohn say about this rival race?

“Well, they’re punks. I don’t know what to say. The Kree are filth, and that’s just all there is to it. I don’t want to say. Kree. Please. There’s going to be some problems. What can I say? They’re Kree.”

When asked about Talos’ relationship with Carol, Mendelsohn dropped this gem:

“Well, they’re in the same movie.”

And it’s around this point the journalists seemed to understand what kind of answers they were getting, so they asked how he felt about Thanos stealing the look of Talos’ chin:

“Look, I was very upset with that. Basically I consider Thanos to be a punk. I mean clearly he’s looked at us Skrulls, and he’s been like, ‘You know what, I want to look more like that.’ Like that whole chin thing? Yeah, totally bit my style with the chin. He’s going for the blue hues and all that. I mean, clearly he’s Skrulling. there’s no other word for it. I think I’d better go while it’s good, before I starting hitting duds out here.”

I’d both like to apologize to you and say you’re welcome for these quotes I’ve pulled. They in no way add to our knowledge of the characters, but they sure are entertaining to read, aren’t they? If nothing else, it’s increased my level of respect for Mendelsohn and made me want to buy him a beer.

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