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Marvel Talked To Mads Mikkelsen For Doctor Doom | Barside Buzz

The latest Fantastic Four Barside Buzz is that Marvel talked to Mads Mikkelsen about the Doctor Doom role. The information comes from John Campea on his new show, but be wary. Campea is not saying

Steven Yeun IS Playing Sentry In Thunderbolts According To Robert Kirkman

According to comic book legend Robert Kirkman, Steven Yeun IS playing Sentry in Thunderbolts! Yeun has long been known to be involved with the movie. However, the rumor mill began to suggest he was playing

María Gabriela de Faría Will Play The Engineer In Superman: Legacy

It has been reported, and confirmed that María Gabriela de Faría will play The Engineer in Superman: Legacy. Initially reported by Deadline, the news was later confirmed by Legacy's director James Gunn on social media.

Pedro Pascal To Play Reed Richards In Fantastic Four – Javier Bardem Tipped For Galactus

According to numerous sources, Pedro Pascal will play Reed Richards in Fantastic Four. Plus, a rumor that Javier Bardem tipped for Galactus. I'll get to the bigger more reputable sources for this in a second.

Vanessa Kirby Comments On Sue Storm Fantastic Four Rumors

In a recent interview actress Vanessa Kirby comments on the Sue Storm Fantastic Four rumors around her. In case this is new information, after several candidates, the latest Barside Buzz is that Kirby is signed

Chris Evans Back For Secret Wars – Blade In Deadpool 3 – Vulture In Spider-Man 4 | Barside Buzz

Today's Barside Buzz says that Chris Evans has agreed to come back for Secret Wars, Blade is in Deadpool 3 and Vulture returns in Spider-Man 4. Let's start with Evans return as that's been a

Tobey Maguire And Hugh Jackman Rumored Leads Of Secret Wars Plus RDJ Agrees Return | Barside Buzz

Two pieces of Barside Buzz for you today from same source who says Tobey Maguire and Hugh Jackman are the leads of Secret Wars and RDJ agrees an MCU return. We shall start with the

Marvel Has Had Talks To Bring Back OG Avengers As Crisis Spirals

According to sources at Variety, Marvel has had talks about bringing back the OG Avengers as the current MCU crisis spirals. This is the second of our articles today covering the wide ranging piece from

Marvel Discussed Replacing Kang With Doctor Doom If Majors Has To Be Cut

At a recent, annual retreat, it has been reported Marvel discussed replacing Kang with Doctor Doom if Jonathan Majors has to be cut. The information comes from Variety, who must have had sources in the

Wheel Of Time Season 3 Wraps Filming? Not So Fast Plus Casting News

So The Wheel of Time Season 3 has wrapped filming, or has it? Plus we have some Season 3 casting news to share as well. Let's start with Season 3 filming as actress Priyanka Bose