– by Seth McDonald

I absolutely loved The Goonies as a kid. While it will stand forever as a classic, in this age of reboots and reveals, why not make a sequel? Goonies writer, Chris Columbus, the man who brought us many other great 80s films, recently spoke with metro.us, and said while the idea has been discussed, right now his focus is on bringing back Gremlins.

“There has been talk of it. That’s a difficult one. Only because all of the actors have gotten older and chosen different careers. So that’s a little more difficult.”

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Interesting that for this potential follow-up that they wouldn’t just go with a new batch of kids, but given how important the movie is to many a childhood, I guess I can understand why.

As far as getting the original cast back, Josh Brolin would probably be the most difficult, as he is a busy man around Tinseltown. I am now saying he is too big to come back to his roots, but he is playing some of the bigger characters in cinema at the moment. In my opinion, Sean Astin would be the actor that would have to return for any sort of reboot or sequel, if the project was built around Mikey Walsh, then I think it could work.

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Source: metro.us