Classic Comics Review I Marvel What If? Series Volume Two Issue #89 to #114

Hello and welcome back to Classic Comics Review and the next set in the What If? series! This is a blast as I have said before! Thank you for the support of my columns and the huge support to our website! So, lets get right back to the next set of amazing issues!

Issue #89 to #93


Issue #89, What If: The Fantastic Four Deadly Inheritance? is next in the series. It is by writer Ben Raab with art by Mark Miller and Scott Koblish. This is a good story where we get to see that Richard Reed is the bad guy and planned their transformation. Definitely good to add to your classic comics collection.

Issue #90, What If: Cyclops and Havok in the Shadows is by Todd DeZago with art by James Daly. In this story we get to see the parents of Scott and Alex Summer still alive as the two grow up without the X-Men. However, they do get their mutant powers and Scott gets the right help. Meanwhile, Alex gets help from the Dark Beast, Hank.

Issue #91, What If: The Incredible Hulk, the Man and the Monster is by Joe Kelly with art by Nelson and Chris Ivy. This is a good twist of character change as we see the Hulk being the kind gentle giant. However, Bruce as a human is a cruel, abusive husband to his wife Betty.

Issue #92 is, What If Cannonball’s Little Brother Josh and his Pet Sentinel, Are Best Friends? The story is by Joe Kelly with art by James Daly and Harry Candelario. Sam’s little brother Josh is jealous of his mutant powers. Next, he finds a Sentinel to help him be a hero. But even though the Sentinel is X-Men colors and helps, it is also repairing itself to its original programs.

Issue #93, What If Wolverine Becomes a Man No More (Ferus)? is by Marc McLauren with art by Detrich Smith and Steve Moncuse. This is a fun issue where Wolverine just goes savage and never becomes the Wolverine the X-Men love, and good as an addition to the series.

Issue #94 to #98


The series continues with Issue #94, What If: The Juggernaut: Kingdom of Cain (Wanderings)? It is by writer Jorge Gonzalez with art by James Calafiore and Mark McKenna. This story is a very emotional one and depressing at the same time. But, a great story in the series to pick up and add to your collection.

The Sentinels break their program and decide to kill mutants along with humans. Since Juggernaut is unstoppable and unable to be killed because of the Crimson Jewel of Cyttorak, he is the last one standing on Earth with the few remaining Sentinels. The Earth is poisoned with radiation and nothing, or no one, can live on it anymore. The ending is great and sad to see what Juggernaut finds and what he mistakenly does.

Issue #95 is, What If Ghost Rider: Burn Baby Burn (Broken Soul)? The story is by Ivan Velez with art by Eric Battle and Steve Moncuse. In this issue we get to see the chase and showdown of Ghost Rider vs Danny Ketch the serial killer. Danny Ketch’s first appearance is in Ghost Rider vol 3 #1. And yes, he was a Ghost Rider.

Issue #96 bring us, What If Quick-Silver: The Quick and The Dead? Chris Wozniak is the writer with art by Chris Eliopoulos. In this issue we get to see what happens if Magneto raises Pietro (Quick-Silver) and Wanda (Scarlet Witch) from childhood. Also, a bonus story where we see Magneto’s first child Anya survives and is by her father’s side.

Issue #97, What If Back Knight: Camelot Reborn? is by James Felder with art by Leonardo Manco. Not a terrible story. However, it is not my one of my favorites in the series. Doctor Doom changes history by destroying Camelot and rules England. The only one that can stop him in this time is the Black Knight.

Issue #98, What If: Rogue Children in the Attic, Seeds of Yesterday? is by Bill Rosemann with art by Leonardo Manco. This one is bases its story a little on the classical book called Flowers in the Attic by V. C. Andrews (1979). Mystique does not abandon her son, Nightcrawler. But, she hides him in the attic of the house his whole life. After she takes in Rogue to join the Brotherhood of Evil, Rogue tries to help him escape. However, it does not go well.

Issue #99 to #103

Moving on in the series is Issue #99, What If Spider-Man: The Men Behind the Mask (Mask of the Innocent)? The story is by Lysa Hawkins with art by Eric Battle and Steve Moncuse. This story feels a little rushed and sloppy. The reason? Because Black Cat acts very different from the one we know. But it is an alternative world of What If? She falls in love with Peter and they share their secret identities. Peter does not want to go public, so Felicia comes up with a plan that backfires. The ending is what you expect. But it does kind of leave you wondering, is that it?

Issue #100‘s title is, What If: Gambit? But since it is the first #100 issue, we get six stories in this over sized book. Definitely worth picking up from the series.

Issue #100: Part 1

Paper Skin by Ivan Velez Jr., and Klaus Janson with art by Klaus Janson and Glynis Oliver. This is the bigger story of the six and stars Gambit and Rogue as they help Sinister discover the secret of the universe.

Issue #100: Part 2

There’s No Place Like That Place Where You Sleep and Keep Your Stuff is by Robert Piotrowski with art by Rurik Tyler, Harry Candelario, and Glynis Oliver. This is a fun story and a treat if you like The Wizard of Oz because Sue has an Oz-like dream with the Fantastic Four and others as the characters.

Issue #100: Part 3

What If Xavier Was Sales Executive? It is by Robert Piotrowski with art by Jim Cheung and Andrew Pepoy. What If Wolver-Wimp? follows from the same team as last story did this one as well.  What If Sheep-Boy is next with the same team did this story. The last story is, What If Sabretooth and Wolverine Were Best Friends? The writer and drawings are by Chris Giarrusso.  The other four stories are short and silly. There is so much going on since the titles say it all.

Issue #101 of the series brings us, What If Archangel: Angel of Death? The writer is Bill Rosemann and Johnny Green with art by Fred Haynes, Art Thibert, and Alan Martinez. In this story we see what happens if Archangel did not get away from Apocalypse.

Issue #102 “What If Daredevil’s Dad Had Thrown the Big Fight?” written by Bill Rosemann with art by Hector Collazo, Ian Akin, and Shannon Blanchard.  This story has never been taken on before, so this makes it close to heart for Daredevil fans.  His dad takes the dive for the bookies and the Fixer does not kill him.  Matt does not become a lawyer but a boxer that is managed by the Kingpin.

Issue #103 “What If Captain America: The Unknown Soldier (Prodigal Son)” written by Bill Rosemann with art by Dan Fraga, Larry Stucker, and Don Skinner.  In this story we see Captain America being revived in an America where people live in a wretched, dehumanized, and fearful world.

 Issue #104 to #108


Issue #104, What If Silver Surfer: Finders Keepers? is by Thomas Virkaitis with art by Gregg Schigiel, and Steve Moncuse. In this story we find that the Impossible Man gets the Infinity Gauntlet. Also, the Silver Surfer is along for this crazy ride with him.


Issue #105 brings us, What If Spider-Man? There are two stories in this issue. The first title is, Legacy in Black and White by Tom Defalco with art by Ron Frenz, and Matt Webb. In this story we get the very first appearance of Spider-Girl, May Parker. She must face off against  Normie Osborn son of Harry Osborn. That is a key issue and goes for $200 or more. It is the most expensive in this series.

There is a second story in the series with the title, What if Bucky Had Remained Captain America’s Partner? The story and art are by Chris Giarrusso. This is of course a silly story because remember Bucky has aged, while Captain America ages slowly.

Issue #106, What If Gambit: Revenge (Retribution)? is by Tom DeFalco with art by Leo Fernandez, and Robert Jones. In this story the X-Men find out that Gambit was part of the Mutant Massacre and Archangel hates him the most. In the end the two decide to settle it Morlock-style of dueling to the death.

Issue #107 is, What If the Mighty Thor: If This Age Be Golden. The writer is Tom DeFalco with art by Ron Frenz, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Shannon Blanchard. Not a bad story. Thor battles with heroes on Earth against some heavy hitters to win this battle.

Issue #108, What If Avengers: The Greatest Sacrifice! is by Tom DeFalco with art by Sergio Cariello, Keith Champagne, and Kevin Tinsley. This story is taken from another series, The Amazing Spider-Man #430 and #431. This is where Spider-Man and the Silver Surfer battle Carnage alone. However, in this version we see the Avengers showing up to help battle Carnage with Spider-Man resulting in a sacrifice.

Issue #109 to #114


Moving forward with the What If? series is Issue #109, What If the Fantastic Four: Tragedy in a Tiny Town? The story is by Bill Rosemann with art by Anthony Castrillo, Ray McCarthy, and Felix Serrano. In this issue, Ben is back in human form and decides to live in Liddleville where the unthinkable happens with Ben not having any powers.

Issue #110, What If the Uncanny X-Men? has two stories. The first with the title, Family Ties by Bill Rosemann with art by Melvin Rubi, Rob Hunter, and Felix Serrano. Colossus blames Xavier for the death of his little sister and decides to join the Soviet Super Soldiers. That group joins the X-Men to battle Proteus who has possessed Phoenix. The second title is, What If Doctor Doom Successfully Took Over the World? This story and art is by Chris Giarrusso. In this story we see Doom having it all and seeing how it truly fulfills his dreams.

Issue #111 is, What If Wolverine: Comes the Horseman of War? The story is by Tom DeFalco with art by Adam Dekraker, Andrew Pepoy, and Stu Chaifetz. In this issue we see Wolverine become the Horseman of War and kills a ton of the X-Men’s enemies. Because of this he is wanted by the law, and superheroes of the world. The ending is not what you expect and a pretty good story in the series worth picking up.

Issue #112, What If Ka-Zar: New York The New Savage Land, No Escape? is by Brian Vaughm with art by Coy Turnbull, Keith Champagne, and Ray McCarthy. This story is set five years after Thanos turned Manhattan into a Savage Land, and we see how Ka-Zar feels at home there.

Next up in the series, Issue #113, What If Iron Man: Alone Against Dormammu Tony Stark Sorcerer Supreme? The story is by Chris Duffy with art by Gregg Schigiel, Ron Boyd, and Nick Musolin. This issue is broken down into three chapters: Chapter One: “Strange Allies Stark Lives”, Chapter Two: “Into the Darkness”, Chapter Three: “In Final Battle”.

In this story we see Stephen in the passenger seat as Tony is driving the car that ends up in an accident. Tony travels with Stephen promising to find a cure for his hands. This brings the two to meet the Ancient One. Next,  Dormammu and a friend betray another friend to get what they want. The ending is not bad, but happy to know that Strange never meet Tony at a party.

Finally, rounding out the series is Issue #114, What If: Secret Wars 25 Years Later, New Generation of Heroes! The story is by Jay Faerber with art by Gregg Schigiel, Jose Marzan Jr., and Paul Tutrone. This is the very last issue in the Second Volume of What If?

This is a fun story if you are a fan of the Secret Wars storyline. We see that both heroes and villains never left Battleworld. Because they have all been there for over 25 years they have children that take on the mantels of their parents. However, they do eventually make it back to Earth that is very different and needs their help to clean it up.

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Well, that is all for the Classic Comics Review of the Second Volume of the fun What If? series. Again, it is a blast and treat to go back and review these stories! I will have one last column in this series where I will go over the one-shots and mini-series that continues the What If? storyline. Please make sure to check out our other columns, stories, and videos on this site.  Thanks for taking the time to read this column. Until next time, have a great day and keep collecting!

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