Classic Comics Review I What If? One-Shots And Mini-Series List

Hello and welcome back to Classic Comics Review. My is covering the What If? series over the past weeks. I already went over the complete first and second volume of this series. Now I will go over the one-shots and mini-series that have continued the legacy of the What If? series over the years. Some are great while others are not that great. However, the one-shots and mini-series are still worth reading and adding to your collection. I hope you enjoy this column and maybe learn a few new things in the process. Remember, as a collector it is very important to pass on your knowledge to those that want to know more about comics, so they can keep comics alive!

One-Shots/Mini-Series: 1988

What If Iron Man had been a Traitor? June 1988, by Peter Gillis with art by Steve Ditko and Pat Redding.  A fun read to see that Tony is working with the Russians and plans to take out the American heroes.

One-Shots/Mini-Series: 2005

What If Aunt May Had Died Instead of Uncle Ben? February 2005,  by Ed Brubaker with art by Andrea Divito. This story is another version of Issue #46, What if Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben Had Lived? in the first series.

What If Dr. Doom Had Become the Thing? February 2005, one-shot by Karl Kesel with art by Paul Smith.  The title says it all and the story is a fun read to see how things are vastly different for the Fantastic Four.

What If General Ross Had Become the Hulk? February 2005, is by Peter David with art by Pat Olliffe and Sal Buscema. Well as most know, General Ross did become the Red Hulk in, Hulk #1 (2008).

What If Jessica Jones Had Joined the Avengers? February 2005, by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Michael Gaydos. This story we get to see how the Avengers world would have been quite different if Jessica decided to join the team in the past.

What If Karen Page Had Lived? February 2005, by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Michael Lark. In Daredevil Vol 2 #5 (1999) Karen, the love of Matt’s life, meets her end by Bullseye. However, in this story we get to see how Matt’s life with her alive.

What If Magneto and Professor X had formed the X-Men together? February 2005, by Chris Claremont with art by Tom Raney and Scott Hanna. This is a fun story because it is by Chris Claremont and seeing both leaders working together to form the X-Men was a great idea.

One-Shots/Mini-Series: 2006

What If Daredevil? February 2006, by Rick Veitch with art by Tommy Edwards. In this story we get to see what Daredevil would be like living in feudal Japan.

What If Sub-Mariner? February 2006, by Greg Pak with art by David Lopez. In this story we get to see what happens if the Prince Namor is raised on the land and not in Atlantis.

What If Thor? February 2006, by Robert Kirkman with art by Michael Oeming. In this story we get to see Thor serving Galactus as his Herald. It is a great book because we have the zombie king who wrote this along with great art from Oeming!

What If Wolverine? February 2006, by Daniel Way with art by Jon Proctor. A quite different story where we see Wolverine living in the 40s as a mobster who become Public Enemy Number One.

What If Fantastic Four? February 2006, by Mike Carey with art by Marshall Rogers. For this issue we get to see the Fantastic Four become Russian cosmonauts during the Cold War.

 What If Captain America? February 2006, by Tony Bedard with art by Carmine Di. In this issue we get to see what happens if Captain America was alive during the Civil War and fought against the White Skull.

One-Shots/Mini-Series: 2007

What If Planet Hulk? December 2007, by Greg Pak, with art by Leonard Kirk, Rafa Sandoval and Fred Hembeck.  In this issue we get three stories with the first, What If the Hulk Died and Caiera Lived?  It is a great ending to see Hulk’s wife come to Earth to seek vengeance instead of the Hulk.

The second is, What If the Hulk Landed on the Peaceful Planet that Reed Richards Promised? There is not much action, but nice to see if what is promised did happen. The last story is, What If Bruce Banner Had Landed on Sakaar Instead of the Hulk? This of course would be bad because the planet is hard for Hulk to live on it.

What If Wolverine Enemy of the State? January 2007, by Jimmie Robinson with art by Carmine Di Giandomenico. In this story we get to see what Wolverine is like if he is never de-programmed to be a killing machine.

What If Spider-Man the Other? January 2007, by Peter David with art by Khoi Pham. In this story we get to see what happens when Peter Parker returns from the dead but becomes more spider than man in this story.

What If Avengers Disassembled? January 2007, by Jeff Parker with art by Aaron Lopresti. A great story where we see how they Avengers solve a mystery that happens in house.

What If X-Men Age of Apocalypse? February 2007, by Rick Remender and art by Dave Wilkins. The story is  What If Legion Had Killed Xavier and Magneto?, where we are taken to a world without both leaders there to get a team ready to take on Apocalypse. The events that unfold during the story are intense and leaves you wondering how things can get worse.

What If X-Men Deadly Genesis? February 2007, by David Hine with art by David Yardin. This story takes inspiration from the X-Men: Deadly Genesis series. In that story Professor X sent a secret team of mutants to rescue the X-Men from the living island Krakoa. That secret team is destroyed but, in this story, we get to see what happens if that team lives and completes their mission.

One-Shots/Mini-Series: 2008

What If Annihilation Reached Earth? January 2008, by David Hine with art by Mico Suayan. What if the Annihilation War that almost destroys the universe made it to Earth?

What If Uncanny X-Men Rise and Fall of the Shi’ar Empire? February 2008, by Christopher Yost with art by Larry Stroman. This story focuses on the third Summers brother named Vulcan who in this gets to become Phoenix.

What If Civil War? February 2008, by Ed Brubaker, Kevin Grevioux and Christos Gage with art by Marko Djurdejevic, Gustavo and Harvey Tolibao. In this story we get Iron Man seeing two different ways the Civil War could have gone. The first is, What If Captain America Led All the Heroes Against the Registration Act? The second is, What If Iron Man Lost the Civil War?

What If Spider-Man vs. Wolverine? March 2008,  by Jeff Parker and Paul Tobin with art by Clayton Henry.  This is taken from the original one-shot story, Spider-Man vs Wolverine (1987).  Spider-Man follows Wolverine into Russia where he is trying to help an old KGB friend. He tries to put her out of her misery. However, Peter tries to stop him which leads to him killing her by accident. Peter does not go back home to Mary Jane but decides to stay alone in world.

One-Shots/Mini-Series: 2009

What If Spider-Man Back in Black? February 2009, by Steven Grant and C.B. Cebulski with art by Gus Vasquez and Patrick Spaziante. The first story is, What If Mary Jane Had Been Shot Instead of Aunt May? Peter Parker gave up so much to save his Aunt May and now we get to see how much more he will give to save Mary Jane. The second story is part four of five of What If the Runaways Become the Young Avengers?

What If Secret Wars? February 2009, by Karl Boller and C.B. Cebulki with art by Jorge Molina and Patrick Spaziante. In the story, What If Dr. Doom Kept the Beyonder’s Powers?, during the first Secret War, Dr. Doom thinks he stole a part of the Beyonder’s Power. However, what if he did and won the war?  The second story is part five of five for What if the Runaways Became the Young Avengers?

What If Newer Fantastic Four? February 2009, by Paul Tobin with art by Patrick Scherberger. In this story the original Fantastic Four are dead. Picking up the roles are Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, and Wolverine. Also, there is a second story, What if the Runaways become the Young Avenger? This is part three of five.

What If Fallen Son? February 2009, by Marc Sumerak with art by Trevor Gorging. In this issue we get two stories. The first is, What If Iron Man Had Died Instead of Captain America? The second story is, What If the Runaways Became the Young Avengers? part two of five.

What If House of M? February 2009, by Brian Reed, Jim Mccann and C.B. Cebulski with art by Paolo Pantalena and Patrick Spaziante. In this spin of the House of M story we have Scarlet Witch saying, “No more powers!”.  Now the Marvel Universe has no super powers in it. There is a second back-up story, What If the Runaways Became the Young Avengers? part one five. It is by C.B. Cebulski with are by Patrick Spaziante.

One-Shots/Mini-Series: 2010

What If Daredevil vs Elektra? February 2010, by Karl Bollers with art by Rafael Kayanan. In this story we get to see Daredevil being the villain and after his death the HAND resurrects him.

What If World War Hulk? February 2010, by Mike Raicht and Michael Gallagher with art by Lucio Parrillo and Patrick Spaziante. This team works on the first story, What If the Heroes Lost World War Hulk? This story is  from World War Hulk, and we get to see what happens if the Hulk wins the war. The second story is, What If Thor Participated in World War Hulk? by Mike Gallagher with Dave Manak. This is a fun story to see what happens if Thor were there to take the Hulk on and the ending becomes vastly different.

What If Spider-Man House of M? February 2010. In this issue they give us three stories to read and enjoy. The first is, What If Gwen Stacy Survived the House of M? by Sean McKeever and Frank Tieri with art by Dave Ross, Dan Scott, and Tom Fleming. The second story is, What if Spider-Man Intervened for the Scarlet Witch? The third is, Say What? All three stories cover the events during the House of M when the Scarlet Witch says, “No more Mutants.”

What If Astonishing X-Men? February 2010. In this issue we get two stories and the first is, What If Jean Grey Was Resurrected Instead of Colossus? It is by Jim McCann with art by David Yardin. In this story we will see how the X-Men work together now that they have Emma and Jean on the same team. The second story is, What If Danger became Ultron’s Bride? by by Matteo Casali with art by Mike Getty.

What If Secret Invasion? February 2010, by Kevin Grevioux, Karl Bollers, and Chris Acosta with art by Pow Rodrix and Larry Strongman. In this issue we get two stories.. The first issue is, What If the Skrulls Won During the Secret Invasion? The other story is, What if the Secret Invasion Stayed Secret? Both stories are a good look at a world where the Skrulls win the war.

One-Shots/Mini-Series: 2011

What If Wolverine Father? February 2011, is by Rob Williams with art by Greg Tocchini. There are two stories in this issue. The first one is, Wolverine Father where we get to see how Wolverine raises a son. The second story is a back-up and part two of What If Venom Possessed Deadpool? by Rick Remender with art by Shawn Moll.

What If? Siege February 2011. This issue marks the story 200 told in the What If? series. The great Stan Lee helps do some of the writing in the second story in this issue. The first story is, What If Norman Osborne Won the Siege of Asgard? by Marc Guggerheim with art by Dave Wilkins. The second story is, What If the Watcher Had Killed Galactus? This is when he first appears to Earth in the Fantastic Four early issues #48 to #50.  Again, this is by Stan Lee with art by Dale Eaglesham. The second story is noticeably short. However, it is still a good book to read and have in the collection.

What If the Amazing Spider-Man: Grim Hunt? February 2011, is by Mark Sable with art by Paul Azaceta.  The story in this issue is, What If Spider-Man killed Kraven the Hunter? In this story we get to see what happens if Spider-Man crosses the line and how life would change for him forever.

What If Dark Reign? February 2011, by Jason Henderson with art by Sana Takeda. In this story we get to see what happens if Hawkeye kills Norman Osborn before the start of Siege. There is a backup story for part four of four, What if Venom Possessed Deadpool? by Rick Remender with art by Shawn Moll.

What If Iron Man Demon in an Armor? February 2011. In this issue fans get two stories. The first is, What If Tony Stark Had Become Dr. Doom? by David Michelinie with art by Graham Nolan, and Bob Layton. This is a wild story to get to see both Tony and Victor switch minds and lead totally different lives. The second story is, What If Venom Possessed Deadpool? part three of four.

What If Venom Possessed Deadpool? April 2011, by Rick Remender with art Shawn Moll and cover by Skottie Young. The title says it all and this is one of the most expensive one-shot books in this series. However, totally worth having in your collection.

One-Shots/Mini-Series: 2013

What If Avengers vs X-Men? September 2013, by Jimmy Palmiotti with art by Jorge Molina. This is a four-issue mini-series that is from the A vs X series with each issue telling a different ending for our heroes.

One-Shots/Mini-Series: 2014

What I.F.? March 2014,  by DJ Strong with art by Jeramy Hobbs and Zach Bassett. This is an interesting story where the What I.F. is alive and told from a point of view of an imaginary friend.

What If? Age of Ultron June 2014, by Joe Keatinge and art by Raffaele Ienco. In this five-issue mini-series we get different alternative stories to the Age of Ultron War.

One-Shots/Mini-Series: 2015

What If Infinity Guardians of the Galaxy? December 2015, by Joshua Williamson with art by Jason Copland.  In this story we find that the Guardians discover that the Illuminati is hiding Thanos, which leads to a great story.

What If Infinity Inhumans? December 2015, by Joshua Williamson with art by Riley Rossmo. The Inhumans have control of Earth and the supreme ruler is Black Bolt. We also get to see what happens to the Heroes of Earth.

What If Infinity Thanos? December 2015, by Joshua Williams with art by Mike Henderson. Thanos joins the Avengers and uses his armies to protect Earth. However, we find out what that costs the Avengers.

What If Infinity X-Men? December 2015, by Joshua Williamson with art by Mike Norton. In this story the Avengers lost the Infinity War and many years later, Cannonball, from the X-Men, leads a team of fellow mutants to find a new home.

What If Infinity Dark Reign? December 2015, by Joshua Williamson with art by Goran Sudzuka. A blast of a story as we see what would happen if Norman Osborn got his hands on the Infinity Gauntlet!

One-Shots/Mini-Series: 2018

What If Marvel Comics Went Metal With Ghost Rider? December 2018, by Sebastian Girner with art by Casper Wijngaard. This one is an odd story, but we have metal music with Ghost Rider. It is definitely a different to read.

What If Magik Became Sorcerer Supreme? December 2018, by Leah Williams with art by Filipe Andrade.  This is one of my favorite stories in the series because I enjoy the character Magik. In this story we get to see Illyana Rasputin, sister of Colossus, return from hell. She decides to take a different path that leads her to the New Mutants and becoming an X-Men. If you are an X-Men fan, this book is worth reading for sure.

What If Peter Parker Became the Punisher? December 2018, by Carl Potts with art by Juanan Ramirez. In this story after Uncle Ben is killed, Peter Parker decides to punish those without mercy leading to a dark path for the Amazing Spider-Man.

What If Flash Thompson Became Spider-Man? December 2018, by Gerry Conway with art by Diego Olortegui. This story is told once in Issue #7 from the first series from What If?  But it is revamped with a new script and art to tell a better story of Flash Thompson.

What If Thor Was Raised by Frost Giants? December 2018, by Ethan Sacks with art by Michele Bandini. For this story we get to see what happens if King Laufey of the Frost Giants takes over Asgard and he takes Thor to be raised with him.

What If X-Men? December 2018, by Bryan Hill with art by Giannis Milonogiannis. This story focuses on the digital world where the X-Men are called “.EXE.Men”. The two main characters are Cable and Domino. In this digital world you can log on and get what you want for a price, but just for the elite. Although there are those who are born with an /EXE/gene who can bypass the price and get in this world for free. This is not my favorite What If? story because it did not come across as the others in the series.

One-Shots/Mini-Series: Present

The newest What If? mini-series released in the last few months. The title is, Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow. In this series we get to see what happens if Peter Parker is taken over by Venom. It is by Chip Zdarsky with art by Pasqual Ferry. This is a fun mini-series to pick up and add to your collection.

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Thank you again for taking the time to stop by and read this Classic Comics Review column! As always, please check out our other columns, stories, and videos on our site. It is a total treat to go over this series and share what I know with fellow collectors. I am not sure the next series I will cover, but I promise to go into detail and cover as much of it as I can. Please keep reading comics and adding them to your collection.

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