2. The graphics element was extremely well done, which you had a major hand in.  How did you do such a quality job with it being an indie film? Where did you draw your inspiration from when creating the series images?

Thank you for the kind words! ¬†As far as achieving a level a quality with the majority of graphic art I did for the show, including the title art, such quality of design could not have been achieved if not for Mike Nardelli (my brother) and Mario Miscione’s artistic, and insightful, guidance through the process. ¬†While I did in fact do the artwork itself, but those two undoubtedly¬†contributed a great deal of artistic direction in which to bring the overall artistic vision to the surface. ¬†The three of us worked very well together in establishing the overall artistic style to the show that we were all on the same page in what the art had to amount too that this was most certainly a team effort.¬†¬†

In regards to your question towards the inspiration in creating the series title art, I would have to say the inspiration came from two particular methods of which involves having the title visually establish the overall genre of the show itself as well the need to have it visually stand out from our competition.  To begin with, since the shows very premise centers around the dark web itself I thought it would be interesting, as did Mike and Mario who were very much involved in the design process as well, if the title art looked as if we were looking into a CRT monitor projecting blue typography.  Considering the show very theme centered on both technology and the internet such looked seemed appropriate for what we wanted to establish that, naturally, the title had to look as digital as possible while incorporating a sense of computer glitch effects to it as a means to help further convey a visual ominous feeling given the shows subject matter.  

Lastly, in the early days of production on this show, unfortunately, we ran into the the issue of there already being other TV shows and movies baring the same title as ours that as a result the three of us had to think of ways in which to have our title stand out from the rest in the effort to make it more distinguished. ¬†Our first solution was rather then having the shows title written out as “Dark Web‚ÄĚ we then decided to have it written as ‚Äú[DARK/WEB]‚ÄĚ as a means to help establish a better sense of identity for the show itself. ¬†Considering the visual aesthetic¬†of the title art itself was that of a computer screen that such unique way in the title being written greatly catered to the visual ecstatic as if someone was typing a URL address. ¬†The last piece to the puzzle, was including the MIHR symbol behind the title art itself. ¬†I have always been a fan of geometric based symbolism and their ability to visual convey symbolic messages that including MIHR‚Äôs symbol into the title help to further establish a sense of identity to the show. ¬†Plus the symbol itself is very much present throughout the shows very narrative, and storyline, that it felt natural for it to be included.

3. What would you like to see in a possible DARK/WEB sequel?

There are two things I would like to see happen in future installments ¬†for [D/W]. ¬†One, a look into MIHR’s origin and were it came from and how it came to be. ¬†Such as who created it, what was it originally going to be used for, and how did it ultimately end up at ‚ÄúCitadel Solutions‚ÄĚ.

Two, shedding light on some unanswered question within the first season of which involves Zach and if he did in fact know more about MIHR than he was letting on as well to possibly seeing him coming face-to-face with her now that she is out in the world. ¬†In addition to this, there is also other unanswered questions as to who the agents, chasing the group down, were and how they knew so much about Molly and the group. ¬†As well to who they were working for: ‚ÄúCitadel¬†Solutions‚Ä̂Ķ or someone¬†else?

4.  What current projects are you working on?

With [D/W] now concluded, for now at least, I am currently working on further developing my craft as an artist as well developing two comic book related projects.  One of which will be featured on my personal website and the other… I have to keep on the D.L. for now, but I’m hoping to announce something in the foreseeable future.