– by Seth McDonald

After over three decades the Karate Kid franchise has returned to its former glory. Cobra Kai is a hit with both critics and audiences and left nearly everyone that watched it wanting more. Now we have official word that there will be a second season of the YouTubeRed series. The word comes in the form of an announcement video shared on the Cobra Kai Twitter account. You can check out the video below.

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The consensus on the show is overwhelmingly positive, so the show’s renewal really comes as no surprise. The first seasons offered a lot of nostalgia, but the real key to it was the way the two main characters, Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso were handled. While you could foresee what was coming, it didn’t seem to matter because it was so well done.

I was one of the many viewers left wanting more the minute the first season ended. I binged the first season and wanted to binge more, sadly, but there was no more to binge. A specific release date was not given in the announcement video, but we do know that the Karate Kid saga will continue sometime next year.

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Source: Cobra Kai (via SlashFilm)